"Illusion" Probably one of my favorite pieces. Acrylic on canvas. 2009

Colored pencils, MHM 2008
 I've always grown up around art. My mom's an artist and author, so creativity was always abundant at our house. My art classes in high school were centered more around 3-D art such as sculpting, furniture painting, etc, which I have a soft spot for in my heart. I enjoy painting, drawing, making jewelry, have been known to scrapbook in my time, and will try just about anything, art-wise, at least once. My preferred mediums are acrylic paints (oil takes to long to dry, I get antsy), chaulk pastels, charcoal pencils and colored pencils.

Some of my art, like my photography, can be deemed a little 'morbid'. I have a wonderful fascination with Alice in Wonderland, and decided a few years ago that she needed to be the center of my backpiece tattoo eventually. So, I took to drawing my rendition of her, and 2 years later I still don't have my backpiece. One day...

Since tattooing became a part of who I am, I do feel that tattoos are forms of art, especially if custom drawn and executed beautifully by the tattoo artist. So, I will include some of my favorite tattoos I've done in my time. These were all custom drawn for the customer, will never be duplicated again. So please respect that when looking at the photos.


Panama Backpiece, Art and Tattooing MHM 2009
 There are so many more tattoo pictures I would love to include here, but as I only want to include custom drawn ones, we'll just leave it with a few. I'm planning on getting back into painting (got my canvases and paints in the mail the other day- Thanks, Mom!), and drawing again, too.

Rose into Birds Memorial Piece, Art & Tattooing MHM 2010

Tool Album Cover, Tattooing by MHM 2009

Because of the personal nature of both the art and the tattoos, I ask that these pictures remain here. I know where else they have been posted, and as I'm not too much for other artists, or tattoo artists, trying to steal my designs, I ask that you respect the pictures and leave them alone. The art images are Copyrighted, MHM 2008-2010, and, as I promised my customers that their custom tattoos wouldn't be reproduced on other people (except the Tool album cover; that's gonna be reproduced a lot), I'd hate to have someone steal their design and tattoo it elsewhere. Thanks so much for understanding.

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