About Me

My "Official Author Photo" (Giggles) Photo Credit: MG Photography

Ahh, you've read the crazy rantings of Tatted Mom and now want to know a little more about her, eh? May the gods have mercy on your soul...

My name is Morgan, I'm 34... ugh, don't remind me... I have been married to Hubby for 15 years now (holy crap, has it been that long, and we haven't killed one another??). I have 2 kids- a daughter, 12 (The Girl), and a son, 10 (The Ginger), 3 cats: Bones, Skelly and Kitteh (Hubby named the last one), and 1 dog: Ariya. I'm a tattoo artist turned stay-at-home mom by day (with a crafty/witchy/tree hugging Etsy store called Inked Goddess Creations to keep me even busier) and ninja assassin at night, and yes, I have a potty mouth.

Did I mention I'm the author of "Tatted Mom's Guide to NOT Screwing Up Your Kids: Colorful Parenting Tips from a Colorful Mother"?? No? Damn, my bad. Well, you can go check that out on Amazon (and Kindle, too)!

Back in the day (it was a Tuesday, no wait, maybe a Wednesday) I was the do-it-all-mom. My family only ate organic foods, there were no chemicals in my house at all, I cleaned with natural items, made my kids' baby wipes, made all natural lotions, soaps, etc, baked, did yoga, meditated, wore hippy skirts and wrote poetry. Man, that seems like a lifetime ago. I opened my own new age store, which successfully ran in the Bible Belt for 2 years- year #3 wasn't so amazing, and the store closed. I then ventured into the world of tattooing, which actually destroyed my life for a while.

Halloween, 2012 where I was a "killer" 50s housewife.
6 years later I'm back on track, with Hubby who has been my best friend through all of the ups and downs of our 3-year separation, single life, and dating life, to the point where we realized we were idiots and just needed to get back together. The kids and I up and moved 2000 miles to where he lived, and started over, having to get to know each other all over again, and re-learn how to be a couple.

That was 3 years ago, and things have fallen into place nicely for me as an individual, for Hubby and I as a couple, and for all of us as a family. We pulled the kids from public schools in January of this year and are officially an "unschooling" family now, making life even more crazy and amazing.

Hubby and I, 2015
Throughout the ups and downs of moving, separation, homeschooling and just life in general, I've spent time (meditating and drinking funny herbal teas) trying to get to know myself again, as somewhere along the line I lost myself (and didn't leave a trail of breadcrumbs, dammit). I'm back to wearing my hippie skirts again, eating healthier, meditating and running my online new age store, while making sure the kids are learning something each day, running a household, putting up with military life (did I mention Hubby's in the Air Force?) and occasionally trying to squeeze in some binge-watching tv time.

Son of a bitch, I'm busy.

Here's to getting things right, this time around...