Sunday, November 29, 2015

See, What Had Happened Was...

I'm a bad blogger. It's as simple as that. Life got crazy... I went crazy... and blogging just fell to the wayside. I had ideas. Oh, man did I have ideas. But I just never found the time to take those ideas and put them into writing. So, many of them are now expired ideas. Like, who wants to read about how we accidentally became a Trader Joe's family because of Pumpkin Spice Coffee, which I bought like 2 months ago? No one. No one wants to read that old shit now. Now it's peppermint mocha everything, so my pumpkin spice story is just... old.

So I can recap. That's about the best I can do for right now, until I get my mojo back, find a little more of my sanity, and force myself to sit down and type away at this computer... which so far, has been quite cathartic... already... after just a paragraph and a half. Hmm... I might be on to something again...

In the past few months:

  • The Ginger turned 11. I now have an 11 year old and a 13 year old... who constantly reminds me that in 4 months, she'll be 14. And then I have wine. Because no. Just no. I'm not the mom of an 11 year old and an almost 14 year old. Because that would mean that on my birthday, I'll be turning 35. Nope. More wine it is.
  • I went crazy. Did y'all catch that above? I actually did mention it in the beginning stages in a blog post, Being Crazy Sucks. Since then (y'all ready for this roller coaster? Fasten your seatbelts...) I went to the doc, got put on Buspirone, which I took for approximately 11 days before stopping the meds, because, well, fuck meds. They did nothing but make me sleepy and I don't have time to be sleepy. I went to my crystal/chakra/healing person (yep, I have one of those), and without even opening my mouth, she told me my aura was showing stress and anxiety. Yep, I bought that, hook, line and sinker right there. So I had my chakras cleansed and aligned, and I've been pretty good ever since... until I decided to go to her a second time a few weeks ago, and just have the cleansing, like, re-upped, and I almost threw up on her table. She said I held my stress and anxiety in my stomach, and as she released it (mind you, I didn't purge until after the session, and we don't talk during the session, so she had no idea how nauseous I was until we were done), I got sick as hell. Everything inside of me- my breakfast, lunch, internal organs, soul- came out, and I've felt better ever since. So now, I look back at this last paragraph in particular and wonder if my crazy has just reached a whole new level of crazy, or if it made me even more of a believer in my crazy metaphysical beliefs. For now, I'm going with the latter because crazy people logically rationalize everything, and right now, my logical rationalization is that I was crazy because my chakras needed to be cleansed and realigned (read Being Crazy Sucks- it'll make more sense then). 
  • The holiday shopping season started early, which means I've been working like 10-12 hours a day. I actually hired someone to help me, it's been so crazy here. I hired someone to help me with my small, at-home, online store. That blows my mind. Like, when you think small home-based business, you think of 1 person, right? One person who does everything. And that was me, until that couldn't be just me anymore. My kids were tired of bagging spell kits and making free samples, and Hubby pulled the "I work, that's my job, this is your job" bullshit, so I had a choice to make- 1- Clone myself. 2- Go even more crazy and exhaust myself. 3- Hire someone to help. So I chose option 3. And it's been amazing. I make her do all the shit I can't stand (like bag herbs, spell kits and samples) and she doesn't mind at all. And we get to talk and shoot the shit while we work... in my house... in my pajamas if I felt like it. It's a pretty sweet set up so far. I still work my ass off, but now it's doing things to move the business forward, instead of just standing still. This week is going to be super crazy, though. I'm sitting on something like 40 orders just from Black Friday and Small Business Saturday alone. There's going to have to be coffee... copious amounts of coffee... to get through this week. And I'm not gonna lie- I love it. 
  • The kids are still homeschooling. I gave them off the whole week of Thanksgiving, though, because... uh... their teacher is pretty slack and hasn't checked their work in forever. So, I'm giving that crazy bitch some time to check their work and go over stuff with them... which she still hasn't done, and it's Sunday already. Man, I might need to have a parent-teacher conference with her...
  • We accidentally became a Trader Joe's family because of... oh, never mind. It just doesn't have quite the punch it would have 2 months ago during pumpkin spice season...
  • We did our huge Halloween thing for the trick-or-treaters again this year. Our theme was Alice in Horrorland. I'm not even sure where the pictures are, nor did I post a walkthrough on youtube like last year. Slack. I'm just slack. But it was fun, and because we scaled it down this year, we realized we can't ever scale it down again. We had people remember the whole garage walk-through from last year, so this year, when there was no whole garage part (just a partial garage, where Hubby jumped out from behind me), I saw the disappointment in people's faces. Even Hubby saw it. So, next year we're back to big and bold again. And I found out I'd rather corral people and get them inside the walkthrough than be an actual part of the scaring- my heart broke when a kid burst into tears this year. I thought it'd be amazing, but apparently I have a heart when it comes to crying kids. So I'll leave the scaring up to everyone else, and I'll be the person who gets them to go inside the garage... the Free Candy Creeper Chick, if you will.
  • The Girl and I have binged watched 5 seasons of Friends in about 3 weeks. Yes, I was working while we watched about 90% of those shows. And while I think I should feel bad about that, I'm not sorry at all. So many Friends references are used in this household, that now my kids actually get them, and make references themselves. It's great. 
  • Hubby requested we watch the first 6 Star Wars movies before the new one comes out. Now, I watched the newest trilogy in theaters with him, and he's made me watch the original trilogy before, but I have a really hard time staying awake during the Star Wars movies. I guess I just never "got" them... until last night. We started with the original, and it was actually pretty good. today we are supposed to be doing Empire Strikes Back, and I'm actually looking forward to it. And yes, I made the mistake of admitting to Hubby that they weren't that bad. Yeah, don't do that. Gloating happens after that.
  • You know what? Screw how "old" it might be. So, we accidentally became a Trader Joe's family because of a commercial I heard on the radio for their Pumpkin Spice coffee. Instead of it being pumpkin spice- flavored, they actually roasted the beans with the spices of pumpkin pie (including orange peel) and then grind everything together. I had to try it. So, I walked into a Trader Joe's for the first time ever... and fell in love. I didn't want to leave. There were hippy tree huggers everywhere, and the employees had smiles on their faces, despite the fact that the entire store was packed. There were samples being given in the back. All of their displays were pumpkin related, and when I got closer, I saw most of the products were organic. The prices weren't horrible, considering everything was organic and hippy-dippy. It was amazing. We ended up at a Trader Joe's like 3 times more over the following week or 2, and unfortunately I haven't been back because it's not right down the road from us like the commissary on base is. So, I'd have to make a special trip, and, well, read above to see how my time has been spent lately. But, I'm sold on Trader Joe's. I completely see why the parking lot is always packed. It's amazing.

It's been a pretty packed, pretty busy last few months. I do keep up with the facebook page on a regular basis. Funny pictures, crazy articles, and status updates that explain the chaos that is my life a little more, when it happens. And I do plan to keep up with the blog more, I swear.

Now for more coffee and work. I swear, coffee keeps me going. I'm pretty sure coffee runs through my veins now instead of blood. But it's a necessary evil right now... an evil that tastes like peppermint mocha...

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