Wednesday, October 28, 2015

12 Things Overheard at Our House During Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday of most of the people in my house- me especially. We usually go all out, either all dressing up to take the kids trick-or-treating, or, as in recent years, setting up a home haunt to scare the trick-or-treaters. This year is no different, and as we have been planning for an Alice in Horrorland set up for the yard, many of the things that have been said would cause an outsider to raise an eyebrow.

These are actual things said at one point or another over the last few weeks! You know it's our favorite time of year!!

1. Me: A bag of flesh? Would that be good?
The Girl: That would be perfect!
Me: For only $19.95, too? Hells yeah... Wait. They are sold out. Dammit!

2. Me: Is this hedgehog okay, or does it need more blood?
Hubby: It looks bloody enough, babe.

3. Me: Be a boxer, please!

The Girl: I don't know, Mom. I don't feel like dressing up.
Me: But, if you are a boxer, I can give you a black eye, and I would love to give you a black eye (makeup).

4. Me: Bought a gorgeous red evening dress off ebay. Got it for like $9.
Hubby: Cool.
Me: The question now is, do I shred it or leave it be?

5. (Out shopping) Me: Ginger!! Watch your tail, please. You don't want to knock things over with it, because then I'd have to buy the broken things.

6. Me: Did we already get a bag of cockroaches?
The Girl: Yeah, I think so. Here are some worms. Do we need worms?
Me: Might as well. You can never have too many bugs.

7. The Ginger: I got pet a lot today (wearing a White Rabbit costume).

8. The Girl: Is there enough blood on this flower, or does it need more?

9. Hubby: We need more heads. Where do we get heads from?

10. Me: Why doesn't anyone sell rotten fake food? You'd think this time of year, places would make rotten fake food, right? Now I'm just going to have to paint regular fake food to look rotten. That's gonna take some time.

11. Me (texting a friend): Did you already get your son an axe? We can pick one up if you haven't yet.

12. Me: Do we need a foot or a hand? Which one do we already have?

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