Monday, March 2, 2015

The Kids Now Blog, Therefore, I Blog

Lest ye be warned, internet goers. My children now have blogs.
Ye have been warned...

They aren't public (yet- we'll see how this goes), and they were created for homeschooling purposes, but nonetheless, they still have blogs.

I've been reading my ass off lately- homeschooling books, unschooling books, curriculum standards. My poor Sarah Addison Allen novel has been quite lonely, sitting untouched on my bedside table while I reach for the non-fiction books beside her. But at the moment, it's a necessary evil.

I'll run y'all through a quick timeline of recent events, which can somewhat explain why I've been MIA lately.

  • Beginning of January- Hubby left for school for 6 weeks and the kids started homeschooling with
  • 2 weeks later- Kids and I were highly frustrated with the rigors of, and went to our first local homeschooling group, where I learned about unschooling. Our lives changed forever.
  • Beginning of February- Withdrew the kids from and let them start the unschooling thing. 
  • Middle of February- Hubby came home, having graduated with the top GPA in his class (this, from the man who slept through high school- we were shocked and thrilled beyond belief). When his structured-military-trained brain saw unschooling in action, his headache began. He took leave from work, and we have enjoyed family time.
  • End of February- Hubby and I sat down, like adults, and reached a compromise on the homeschooling/unschooling issue. He doesn't care what we learn, or how we learn it, but the kids just need a routine when it comes to their education. 
  • Today- Started the kids on a slightly more structured program, with relaxed elements added in. So far, I've had a migraine, hidden in my bedroom, and rolled my eyes so much I'm surprised they didn't get stuck. Change is stupid.
We're somewhere in the first 3-4... Pic Courtesy
So, the last few weeks for me have been researching homeschooling styles to find the one that fits us. During this time, my kids have been doing math through Khan Academy, reading and grammar through some books we bought at the book store, and we've tackled science and history together through watching various youtube videos and doing worksheets. I thought we were doing pretty well; Hubby needed some more structure. 

I found a great day-to-day homeschool curriculum on All in One It's a Christian-based program, which makes my kids giggle a little when they read that there are so many animals in the world because God was creative, but we just skip the Bible stuff each day (no offense intended toward Christians or Christian homeschool programs, but our family just doesn't follow one specific religious path). We started on Day 1, even though the school year is almost over, so most of their math is a review. I just have the kids log into Khan Academy instead. We do the science and history together, and I'm probably going to supplement their reading comprehension program with a KISS grammar workbook, just to make sure the kids are understanding the English language. The idea for them to start blogs to not only cover their Writing lessons, but their Computer lessons, as well, came from one of the homeschooling books I read, and I loved it. For now, we'll share the urls with family members who want to keep up with the children's writing lessons, but maybe in the future, when the internet is ready for it, we may unleash them to the world. 

My plan for world domination has begun...

MUAHAHAHAHAHA (cough, cough... Damn. Evil laughing strains the throat a little...)

I figure that the kids have a few weeks month to play around, so come summer time, we'll continue to work while the other kids around here are out in the 117 degree heat playing. We've been getting in a ton of field trips, though, and learning experiences. We start a clay wheel class tomorrow (yes, me included- I can't WAIT to get back on a pottery wheel), and have a trip to the zoo planned for this week. We studied the Renaissance and then went to the Renaissance Festival up near Phoenix. We studied the beginning of the Revolutionary War and then watched the Sons of Liberty mini-series. I still want my kids to enjoy learning unschooling-style, because I'm scared once you start entering in mandated structure, the joy of learning gets lost. Hubby needs the structure, though, so we'll see how this compromise goes. 

I do know one thing, though; my kids will have to blog/write for at least 30 minutes per day, so I'll have at least 30 minutes per day to blog, too. I've missed writing. And with only about 30 minutes, I'm sure we'll get some fun diary-style posts out of me, for sure. 

I have to be going for today, though. I need to get more work done before my day is through. Did I mention that my business has doubled income in the last few months, and that I'm getting about the same number of orders I was during the holiday season? No? I forgot about that? Figures. My brain is mush lately.

Mush... looks like Lush... Lush drinks wine... Wine.... Yes, please.

My word association chain lesson for today. You're welcome. ;)

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  1. Morgan best of luck with that! As I read your post I felt like I was going to school myself sheesh I was rolling my eyes so much info to consider when going the home school route wow. Keep us posted and don't forget to breathe :)

    1. Lol, thanks! Fingers crossed it starts to go smoothly. ;)