Monday, February 2, 2015

My Love Affair... With a Computer

I might be having a love affair with my kids' computer.

Yes, I have my own laptop. Hell, I even got a tablet for Christmas that I carry around with me pretty religiously... so much, in fact, that at the homeschooling group last week, I went to grab my phone, thinking it was my tablet, to show another mom a book I have downloaded on my tablet. First world problem, I know.

We bought the kids a desktop computer for Christmas because The Girl wanted to play The Sims, along with 37 of its expansion packs- something I did NOT want clogging up my laptop. The Ginger wanted to edit his stop-motion videos and research how to make more realistic ones, again, something I didn't want my laptop taken hostage for.

So Hubby and I bit the bullet and bought a desktop for the kids. We figured, a computer that stayed put in the kitchen desk area would be better than one that could disappear into the abyss that is each child's room, and would also teach the kids how to share. Meanwhile, I would have my laptop back to myself, and with my laptop, the freedom to do whatever I wanted, wherever I wanted.

Only... something strange happened between Christmas and now. I seem to have taken over the kids' computer.

There's something nostalgic about sitting in front of an actual computer, the clickety-clack of the
keys, the rolling office chair under my tush, the convenience of the printer right next to me. I feel more business-like when I'm processing orders, and more professional when I'm writing (like now- this desktop inspired me to blog today). With my cup of coffee positioned neatly in front of the mouse (what's that? asks all laptop-exclusive users), I feel...

Like a grown up.

Which is pretty funny, considering that sitting in front of a desktop, typing away, is something I probably haven't done since I was in my early 20s, so, a kid pretty much.

It started when I was processing orders one day, on the kitchen island which is approximately 4 feet from where the built-in desk area of our kitchen is. I had forgotten to print something out when I was at my laptop, approximately 20 feet from where I was standing, so I nudged The Ginger off of youtube with, "Honey, it'll only take a second, let me just print one thing out, please," opened up a new tab, and printed out what I needed. While I was in my store's dashboard, I saw I had a new message. Click. Open. I started typing a reply super-fast, looking over my shoulder to see if The Ginger had realized that I had started a second task after finishing the one task I told him I needed to do. Thank goodness his antsy-pants had him run off to find some Lego piece.

15 minutes later, and several replied emails, relisted store items and maybe even a status update under my belt, and The Girl wandered into the room. "Mom, why are you on OUR computer?"

"I don't know!!" I screamed, defensively. "I just had to print out one thing, and something came over me..."

"Hmm, well, then, I can just get on your laptop, since you are on our desktop, right?" The Girl asked, while making a move toward my laptop.

"NO!"  I shouted at her, and I'm pretty sure there was a hint of Gollum's "My Preciousssss" in there somewhere.

I backed off the desktop, hands in the air, saying, "All right, all right, fine. It's yours now!"

But I couldn't stop thinking about the kids' desktop. I heard it whispering to me when I got near it. "Morgan, come back to me. I was made for more than just youtube videos and The Sims. Come type a blog post on me. Come print out orders from me. I was made for adult play, too..." It taunted me.

So, I figured out a compromise that satisfied me, the computer and my kids.

I get up early in the morning, before the kids are even thinking of waking up, and I use their computer. It seemed to be the only logical thing to do, right? The computer and I are getting in our "adult time" and the kids are none-the-wiser that Mom is using their computer. Yes, Hubby and I purchased it for them, but we purchased it for them so they could stay off of our laptops. At the time, I had no idea the consequences of our actions. How was I supposed to know that I'd secretly love to sit in front of a desktop and do work? I thought I was perfectly happy lounging on the couch doing work on my laptop, like usual. I even secretly laughed at how the kids had to sit upright, in front of the computer, to watch their videos or play their games, until I did it myself, just one time, to print out some paperwork. Then I was hooked.

Sure, I guess I could just tell the kids it's a Family Computer and use it whenever I want, but I'm sure, if I was on the desktop, they'd grab my laptop to do their stuff. Nope. Not willing to take that risk.

So, for now at least, I'm having an early-morning love affair with our desktop computer. Typing away, printing orders...

Shit!... I think I hear the kids getting out of bed upstairs. Must end this blog post now, sorry. They can't find me here.

Until the next early morning hours, my computer love...

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  1. *hysterical laughter*

    I actually miss having a desktop, but because we're on the go a lot, I have to have a laptop. Our compromise was to buy each of my teens their own laptops. Idk what they'd do if they had to share LOL #FirstWorldProblems indeed.

    1. I'm just glad someone else could relate! For schooling purposes right now, one kid gets on the desktop and one on my laptop. Something will have to change with that here soon, lol.

  2. Loved this...though I am the opposite! I love my laptop I just got. The flexibility to sit in a comfy chair, my desk, the kitchen counter, or a coffee shop is SO foreign to me. I am much more productive lol!

    1. My poor laptop has been so neglected between my love affair with my kids' computer and my new Kindle. I need to start showing it some more love...