Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Frenzy- Tales from Toddlerville: The Fecking Elf Came Back

(Today, I'm happy to welcome Serendipity from Mother of Serendipity for Friday Frenzy. When I first virtually met her, and checked out her blog, I couldn't stop laughing. While her writing style is a little of this, little of that, she writes the most amazing- and hilarious- songs and modern nursery rhymes. You definitely need to check her out!! ~Tatted Mom)

Tales from Toddlerville: The Fecking Elf Came Back

So, yeah, Toddlerville has a fecking elf. He arrived last year in a fit of desperation on my part. Trapped at home As a stay at home mom of not one, but TWO rambunctious toddlers in a small NYC apartment, I was game to try anything that might get them to calm down as the holidays approached. The idea of a house elf who would do cute things and inspire them to not behave like lunatics make better choices was undeniably appealing.

Of course, in my fuzzy little daydreams, I neglected to factor in my Boy's monkey-like speed and agility, which are only matched by his natural desire to "examine" ALL THE THINGS. If you can imagine Wreck-It Ralph as a young child, you'd not be far off from my kid. He breaks shite just looking at it.

Which is why our elf Donny didn't do much last year except try to find the highest shelf in the
apartment and play peek-a-boo. Even then he was captured more than once. If Donny was real, he'd never have made it home alive for Christmas.

Don't misunderstand, the kids enjoy looking to see how many inches he's moved, and talking to him from afar, but he's not particularly sought after or adored. Face it, Santa Claus he's not.

Honestly, after his reluctance to start the whole tradition, my Hubs seems to be the most into it. Ok, in actuality he actually makes himself an accessory to all the tattling that comes with the Elf mythology by shouting "I'm going to tell Donny!" when particularly frustrated with our Rebels' behavior. At which point I want to gag him with the damn doll.

I'm sorry to be such a hater; I really am just jealous. Donny the Elf is kinda lame. I try and make him do semi-entertaining things (that can be seen from below and far away). Yes, like a circus performer Donny does his act VERY high up, in places that are practically unreachable by those under 6 feet tall! Since I'm only 5'2", we have to rely on the magic of Christmas, and take care of the little.

So it's understandable, I think, that as the turkey pictures were being replaced by all the obligatory elf arrivals, I decided to do some informal polling on my Facebook page. I was hoping I could renew my enthusiasm for this "holiday tradition" we've saddled ourselves with.

Know what I learned? I'm not alone in my untethered annoyance. Overwhelmingly, people find the whole thing to be a pain in the tuckus, and a particularly creepy one at that. Because, if you've got doll phobias, or maybe even clown phobias, this little night stalker from the North Pole is a guaranteed trigger.

Granted, a few of my peeps find all the impish improv to be delightful. These are, no doubt, the same folks having the elf to do all the naughty and/or super fun creative Pinteresty things. I'm sure their elves have photo albums & Pinterest boards all their own.

Seriously, is it wrong I dream of an adorable way to shove the elf right in their creative A's?!


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  1. Amen sista! I was lucky enough to know my inability to handle the Elf concept from the beginning and didn't waste any money or time on it. That being said...on all those Elf Pinterest posts have you ever seen children? I have a sneaking suspicion the ones doing those posts and making everyone feel guilty don't' even have kids...or jobs...

    1. So glad you enjoyed it!

      I have to say, I agree about some of those Pinterest elves... Particularly the incredibly naughty ones!