Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WTF Wednesday- All My Favorite Shows are Getting Axed

I'm about done with television. I know I spend too much of my time watching it as it is, but when my favorite shows start getting cancelled, I'm thinking it's either a sign from above or a personal vendetta against me- one or the other.
"Witches of East End" RIP (Sigh)
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First it was "Manhattan Love Story." Apparently this show got cancelled before I even started watching it this past weekend. I was laying in bed, recuperating from our Halloween garage walk-through, wanting to just lose myself for approximately 22 minutes. Cue "Manhattan Love Story" on Hulu.

Cute. Funny. Let you into the inner thoughts of men and women during the dating process. Unique, and I fell in love immediately.

Only to find that the 4 episodes on Hulu were the only 4 episodes that were ever going to air. That show got the ax back on October 24th. Well damn.

Then it was "A to Z," an adorable account of one couple's relationship "from a to z." It had the mom from "How I Met Your Mother" on it, so I figured it would work out and be a hit among HIMYM fans.

I was wrong. That show got the ax, too, but at least they are allowing the remaining episodes to air.

Then my friend tagged me in an article on facebook about how "Witches of East End" had been cancelled after 2 seasons.


That show is amazing. It's so cheesy, and so far fetched, that you HAVE to love it. And the cast is

Over a million viewers were left pretty bitter. The show still had decent ratings, but for some reason, Lifetime thought shows like "True Tori" and "Prison Wives Club" were a better fit, and killed one of my favorite shows that left viewers with about half a dozen cliff hangers.

I'm not gonna lie. I took to social media and #WitchesofEastEnd and tweeted LifetimeTV so much my fingers hurt. All pre-coffee and at 5 o'clock this morning, mind you, so you know it was full of rage.

After signing an online petition for Lifetime to renew it, I immediately regretted my decision. Lifetime doesn't deserve "Witches of East End." They need to lie in the bed they've made of useless, disgusting, drama-filled television of "True Tori" and "Prison Wives Club" and leave my beautiful, sexy witches alone.

Netflix needs to pick it up. Seriously.

"Orange is the New Black" is like crack. Hubby loves "House of Cards" and "Hemlock Grove" is pretty good, too. They breathed new life into "Arrested Development" and "The Killing" after networks cancelled them, so I think "Witches of East End" should be the next show Netflix performs its magic on (get it? Because it's a witch show... ha! I kill myself sometimes...)

So, I did what any blogger/vlogger with an opinion does in this day and age- I recorded a youtube video, expressing my thoughts.

The video is below, I hope y'all enjoy it!

The cancellation of "Witches of East End"- definitely my biggest WTF moment of this week...

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  1. I was so sad to hear they were going to cancel it but that is such a GREAT idea for Netflix to pick it up.

  2. Nooooooooo! I am totally addicted to that show! Let's make a petition for Netflix to pick it up!