Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our CarnEvil Garage Walk-through for Trick-or-Treaters

I've spent months talking about getting ready for Halloween, and pulling together our CarnEvil walk-through for the trick-or-treaters. Now that Halloween is done and over with for the year, and our CarnEvil went off without a hitch, I can finally share the pictures and video with you all, dear Inklingers.
Ringmaster and Creepy Clown
(Hubby and I)

It was AMAZING!!! We scared some kids, some parents, and even ourselves at some points. But, I felt the walk-through was a pretty even mixture of scary and cheesy, so much so that we had very brave 3 year olds go through, by themselves, and stare Hubby in the face when he (dressed as a creepy clown) popped out to scare them. (I got to watch a staring contest go down between Hubby and a Ninja Turtle who was 1/4 Hubby's size. It was epic.)

And, we had kids running and screaming for their lives. Pretty epic, too.

Hubby got high fives from dads holding screaming children, and my friend (the Bearded Lady) was getting compliments as she handed out candy to the kids who didn't want to attempt the walk-through. Overall, I don't think we had one negative thing said, and we got thanked about a thousand times, which yes, brought tears to my over-emotional face.

So now y'all get to see the behind-the-scenes look at some of the crafts, the diagram layout, and the video at the end has not only the walk-through (video quality kind of sucks, but it was dark), but more photos of the actual set-up inside. 

Overall, with crafts, costumes, plastic drapes and props from Spirit Halloween, I want to say we invested probably around $300-$400 this year on the walk-through. The biggest single expenditures, of course, were the animated props from Spirit Halloween (Dead Humor and the Zombie Monkey). The Twins doll was custom made by an amazing chick on Etsy, and everything else we bought from thrift stores and the GoodWill. I think, considering all we got out of it, it wasn't too terribly expensive, and we can re-use the props again.

So, on with the behind-the-scenes look!!

Ariel turned into an evil Half Woman Half Fish for the sideshow. She was $5 at the thrift store, and I found a fish tank at the thrift store for $12. So, $17 and some paint made a pretty cool exhibit for the kids to look at.

The rats were $1 each (the big one came from the GoodWill), and painting their faces to look like clowns just added a little bit of extra detail to the show.

Ah, my FAVORITE!! $5 for the princess crib at the swap meet, and we just bought the cheapo "Barbie" dolls from the dollar tree. The Twins doll was $35 (totally worth it, it's done amazingly), so for $42, we have blood-thirsty conjoined twins who have torn apart dolls in their crib-jail. Totally worth it!!! 

I didn't get before pictures of the clown parts I did. The decapitated clown you see on the table in the video below actually started out as a zombie mask. I painted a clown face on it, stuck it on a styrofoam head and added a wig- ta-da!! Decapitated zombie clown. Some of the clown parts were purchased from Party City, some were dollar tree plastic parts that I added fabric to and stuffed. Overall, the Clown Parts table cost about $20, and of course the scary participants playing with the clown parts worked for candy and soda, so all was good there. The Wolf Man was just a werewolf mask, hands and a flannel shirt from a thrift store, with a box and stuffing under him. Easy peasy. And the "Petting Zoo" was a bunch of my kids' stuffed animals with the sound activated Zombie Monkey from Spirit Halloween in the middle. He gave kids a little fright near the end because he moved while everything else stayed still.

Here's the actual diagram for the CarnEvil set-up. You can click on it to make it bigger, but this is how we went about scaring the crap out of kids (and adults). Not bad for our first event.

I hope y'all enjoyed this post, and the video below. The video shows the actual walk-through, and some still shot pictures of each part inside. 

This year we had tons of fun, and are already looking forward to next year. We're thinking maybe an Asylum or Creepy Hospital. Whatever it is, I know we'll enjoy it.

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