Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cheese Farts, and Other Birthday Happenings for The Ginger

10 years ago today, The Ginger was born. He surprised us back then (we were told, based on 2 ultrasounds, that he was a she), and surprises me every single day since then.

You can read all about his birth here. I promise you, it's a doozie of a birth story.

But today I want to talk about this birthday, his 10th birthday.

He came to me 4 days ago with a list.

Me: What's this?
The Ginger: The list of kids I want to invite to my birthday party.
Me: Honey... it's too late for a party. We talked about this 2 weeks ago...

The look of devastation on his face almost killed me. He crumpled up the paper, threw it into the trash, and ran off to his room.

I let him vent for a few minutes and then called him back downstairs.

Me: Honey, do you remember when you got home from your friend's birthday party 2 weeks ago and you said you wanted a party?
The Ginger: Yeah.
Me: Do you remember what I told you?
The Ginger: No.
Me: I told you then, that if you really wanted a party, we needed to spend the next day making your invitations, because they needed to go to school with you that Monday. You have to give people at least a week to RSVP, and the RSVP should be about a week before the party so we
know how many kids are coming. Do you remember me saying that?
The Girl popped in: I do...
Me (giving The Girl, The Evil Eye): Do you remember, honey?
The Ginger: Yeah, I remember you saying that.
Me: Do you remember me saying something the next day about making your invitations and you didn't want to?
The Ginger: No.
Me: Well, that's what happened. So, I assumed, because I had explained everything to you, that you understood there would be no party if we didn't get the invitations done when we were supposed to. 
The Ginger: Uh... but Mom... that's not fair.
Me: Honey...

And at that point, I went into one of my extremely well-versed lectures about actions and consequences, and understanding the choices the kids make. It's a life lesson I seriously try and stress with my kids.

So, no party for The Ginger. Of course I felt bad; any Mom would. But as it was then 4 days before his birthday, 3 days before a party we would have thrown, and I'm huge on teaching consequences to actions (or lack of action, in this case), there wasn't much I could do for him, in the way of a big party with his peers.

Hubby started in on the whole, "I didn't have a birthday party every year for my birthday when I was growing up," speech to try and smooth over the whole situation. I had other plans.

What I could do, of course, is completely spoil the kid on his birthday, with just us family members involved. And, even though I was sticking to my guns on the life lesson he needed to learn, the Mom Guilt had definitely gotten to me about my kid not having a party.

So, today, I've prepared some pretty awesome stuff. The Ginger has 2 birthday cakes (well, will have 2 birthday cakes after I get done blogging and make the 2nd one), thanks to a coupon we got in the mail from a local grocery store for a free small 8" cake on his birthday. The Ginger was completely happy with the blue velvet box mix I had acquired for his birthday, but 2 cakes are better than one, right? Especially when the second one is free...

We aren't just giving him his presents this year, either. He'll start out with a card, which has a riddle in it that's a clue for where his first present is hidden. When he solves the riddle, and finds the present, I've taped the next clue inside the wrapping with the present. So, he'll unwrap a gift and find the next clue, which leads to the next present. This scavenger hunt has him running upstairs, downstairs and even into the garage. I'm super excited about that.

And, because The Ginger's favorite food is cheese, we're having a cheese extravaganza today. I bought so much cheese that none of us are going to poop for about a week. Havarti, Gorgonzola, port wine, spreadable cheddar with bacon, and even a blueberry vanilla goat cheese. We have a ton of crackers, and The Ginger will get to try each one, so he can truly call himself a Cheese Expert. Then, for dinner, I got all the ingredients to make pizzas, and as a family, we will make our own cheesy gourmet Italian pies of goodness.

Somewhere in all of that, The Ginger wants to go shopping with a birthday gift card he already received in the mail. He doesn't really know about everything I already have planned, but as we try and spoil our kids on their birthdays, I'm not sure if I'll be able to tell him no on the shopping excursion. So that might be part of our day, too.

All-in-all, I'm pretty excited about the plans for the day. I just hope everything goes off without a hitch so The Ginger doesn't even remember that he wanted a birthday party.

Fingers crossed, at least. And, fingers crossed eating this much cheese in one day doesn't wreak havoc on our colons for too long.

Oh hell, the stinky cheese farts. I didn't even plan for those...

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