Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Frenzy: 5 Reasons Why It's Okay to Take Halloween Candy From Your Kids

(Today I'd like to welcome Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry. She's a fellow Air Force wife, and her blog is awesome. She has found the perfect blend of everyday life, humor and realism that makes her writing completely relatable to all moms out there, so definitely check her out!)

5 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Take Halloween Candy From Your Kids

Halloween is coming!

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This means it’s time for candy. Candy excites me. I will take candy out of my children’s Halloween bags without feeling guilty at all. Why?

Let me tell you.

1. I Bought Their Halloween Costumes

That’s right. They wouldn’t have any costumes if it weren’t for me, therefore, they wouldn’t be given candy at all.

2. I’m Taking Them Around The Neighborhood

Instead of being stretched out on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy, I’m taking the kids out. I’m dodging families on sidewalks. I’m making sure my kids don’t get squished by cars that aren’t paying attention. I’m reminding them to say “thank you,” because sometimes the excitement of a full size
candy bar erases their memory.

3. I Need Candy More Than They Do

I have to deal with the headaches of the world: people who don’t use turn signals. People who write ‘your welcome.’ Kanye West. Bills. Car issues. This is what they have to deal with: homework. Minecraft drama.

4. I Check Their Candy To Ensure They Won’t Be Poisoned

Yup. I lovingly dump it all out and make sure there isn’t a hidden pin or booger anywhere. They wouldn’t check before they popped something in their mouth. I saved their esophagus. You’re welcome, guys.

5. I Gave Them Life

That’s right. I carried them around for ten months. I pushed them out of me. This entitles me to a Twix and a box of Nerds.

So do you take Halloween candy from your kids?

Amber Myers is a military wife and mom of two kids. She blogs over at and writes about everything. She also has a book out called The Swimmer's Assistant available on Amazon.

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  1. Funny! I agree. And I'm entitled to as many fun size M&M packs as I want based on all the homemade costumes I've had to come up with over the years. An exotic peacock-like bird? Really? Yeah!

  2. Thank you for letting me guest post!

    I'm excited to see what candy my kids get ;)

    1. Thank you for participating in Friday Frenzy! We should do this again some time!! ;)

  3. YES! I totally do! It used to be that they would forget about it after a few days. I am not so lucky anymore but I still can freely take from it whenever I want.

  4. HAHAHA all true - bookmarking this to show to my husband when he glares at me for taking all the good stuff (aka, anything other than the Tootsie Rolls).

  5. Yes! I couldn't agree with these reasons any more! In fact, I may print them out to show my kids when they start to question it!

  6. Oh heck yeah I do! They get so much stinkin' candy it would be a CRIME not to take some, in addition to all the reasons you listed. And, by the time they get through making themselves sick, we still have pounds and pounds of candy to donate to the dentist who sends it overseas to our troops. Win-Win-WIN.

  7. My parents used to take our candy and if we complained they would say "you're not going to eat all this anyway" or "it's just one piece, you will be fine". They were right, I didn't miss it