Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WTF Wednesday: This Randomness is My Life

This past week has just been one of those weeks. I think I was on auto-pilot for most of it.

The joy of that is that you all get a random post of shit that went down, as today's WTF Wednesday post; a list of 10 things that just made me scratch my head.

And yes, this was all in the last week... or two maybe (since I didn't do a WTF Wednesday post last week)?? My days tend to blur all together.

These are in no particular order. Random stuff, random days.

1. My dog ate dark chocolate. Apparently, that's the worst for dogs. I was picking The Girl up from school, Hubby was getting ready for work, The Ginger was outside playing, and Ariya was digging in my purse to consume my Lavender Blueberry Organic Dark Chocolate bar that costs me effing $3 each at the health food store it takes me 15 minutes to get to. The puppy is fine; no adverse reactions. And I'm now out of my favorite chocolate.

2. I've seen shit that makes me want to NEVER drive in Tucson again. A few days ago, it was the lady in front of me who, at every stoplight, hit herself in the head 4 times. It took me a few stoplights to pick up on the pattern, and then I had to seriously question my sanity for picking up that there was a pattern. Today, I watched the guy next to me at a stoplight hold his hand about 3 inches from his face, yell and scream at it, then give himself a huge bear hug as the light turned green, and drove on. Not sure how long he and his hand had been fighting, but I'm glad they got it under control so he could focus on the road again.

3. I helped a friend move, while in flip flops. Yeah, that was stupid. 10 minutes after getting there, I skinned off the top layer of one of my toes. You'd think I would have learned from my past of breaking pinky toes and ripping out a toe nail while moving a changing table once. Nope. After the skinning, I did go
home and put on some Converse, so all was fine after that.

4. I battled with the base clinic over their strep throat procedure. Oh, Wait. I wrote about that one...

5. I flipped my dog off for drinking my coffee creamer. Well shit, I wrote about that one, too...

6. I gave Hubby one thing to do while I was at a friend's house one day, and you can guess what happened. The Ginger was sick, so when my little ones aren't feeling good, I make homemade chicken noodle soup, full of garlic and herbs to help fight the infection. I called Hubby to check in on the little man, as I was helping a friend unpack her house from moving in, and heard him playing video games in the background. One simple request: Put the chicken tenders in the crockpot and cover them with water. That's it. 2 hours later I get home to see the crockpot wasn't turned on. As I started to scold him about how it helps if the crockpot is ON to cook items, I noticed the crockpot was empty. Yeah, he felt so bad that he had forgotten, that he became my bitch boy for the rest of the night. Good grief.

7. I've gotten in bed before 9pm... twice. Hubby's on this weird ass schedule, so it leaves me to go to bed whenever I want to... which apparently is before 9pm. The kids shower and climb into their beds to read, so I decided to do the same. I don't think I fall asleep until 10:30 or 11pm, but laying in bed, reading or doing nothing, at 9 at night is pretty heavenly.

This is at the end of PT, and we can't get to it... =(
8. I finally convinced Hubby to finish playing this scary ass video game so I could watch, just to find out we can't finish it. We're a Playstation family, and the PS4 has a free game called "PT". Come to find out, it's actually a playable teaser trailer (hence the PT) for the new game "Silent Hills" which will be starring Norman Reedus (yummy). After playing it for a few minutes, and having a ghost scare Hubby so badly he screamed like a girl, he turned the game off and refused to play it anymore. Here we are, like 2 weeks later, and he still refuses to play it. So, yesterday I convinced him to pick it up, only to find that, for the last puzzle, we need a microphone. The one that came with his PS4 has never worked, and my Bluetooth isn't compatible with the system. So, we are literally 5 minutes away from the end and there's nothing we can do. That sucks big time.

9. I steam cleaned 3 pieces of furniture just to turn around sell them for like $20 a piece. Seriously, who does that? Upholstery cleans furniture just to sell it on a yardsale site? If you are getting a sofa for $40 or less, you should expect it to come with 5 year old Doritos and 127 pen tops hidden in the cracks. But no, I spent 2 hours of my morning steaming the couch and chairs so I can make possibly a grand total of $60-$80. Good grief.

10. Hubby and I freaked our kids out with the Ash in Palm magic trick. So, we're huge America's Got Talent fans. Last week, a magician named Mike Super did a voodoo-like routine, with Mel B as the participant. He burned a voodoo doll's hands and had Mel open her own hands to reveal soot on her palms. The kids were mesmerized. Hubby and I have been doing that trick for years (works GREAT on drunk people). So, we took the kids outside and freaked them out so badly with it, that we were sure The Ginger wasn't going to sleep that night. It's a super easy trick, and I found a youtube video that explains it, but you need to fast forward to almost 3 minutes into the video to get to the trick itself. And yes, we eventually explained it to the kids so they could rest easy that Hubby and I didn't practice voodoo...

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  1. I've only lived in California and Minnesota, but I've decided that crappy drivers live everywhere, they're just crappy/dangerous in different ways.

    In California it's the zigzagging through traffic at outrageous speeds. But it's all pretty controlled.

    In Minnesota, they don't go too fast, but make dumb mistakes and cut you off. You also get the people who forget that 4 wheel drive doesn't help on ice.

    I'm so glad my life isn't the only one that's weirdly random.

    1. Fully weirdly random here, lol. We have the crazy drivers, but then there are just the strange drivers. Like really strange. Like, makes me wonder if they'll switch personalities while driving, strange. Sheesh.

  2. Sounds like more positive then negative this week for you overall! I love reading in bed after the kids are asleep, it feels like such a luxury...and somehow more relaxing than watching TV!

    1. I never even looked at the positive vs negative- so glad you pointed that out. That makes me feel a little better, lol.
      I do feel a bit spoiled when I can read a book in complete quiet- it's like I'm doing something wrong and am about to get caught, lol.

  3. The story about the lady hitting her head somehow reminded me of this bus driver who saw patters in car licence plate numbers for picking lottery tickets. Everytime I saw him, he was explaining to me how he almost predicted the number from previous night lottery selection but never won. I thought I was losing my mind listening to this guy..

    1. I would too, lol. But, I'm not even going to lie, I'd probably ask him for some numbers... ;)