Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dependa, My Ass!

Every now and then, a topic comes along that just makes my blood boil.

Dependas are one of those topics.

No idea what a Dependa is? I'll fill you in, don't worry.

Today's vlog post: Dependa Awareness: Not All Military Wives are Dependas, Thank You!


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  1. I think the crux of what you're talking about, really isn't about weight, but about pride in what you do. Pride in yourself, pride in your job (whether it's inside or outside of the home).

    I sometimes worry about focusing on weight and appearance too much. I mean, we're going to get older and change. I'm not going to look like the 23 year old my husband met, when I'm 40. But I can be a 40 year old who takes pride in personal care, and her home and her family.

    I will say, though, that having all the kids home this Summer, has made it really hard to keep up with the housework. But your post has inspired me to go clean the toilet!

    And yes, I think non-military wives can be Dependas. I know more than a few.

    1. It is about pride, definitely, or a lack thereof, I guess. Mondays are my floor mopping days- that's what I do on Mondays, and that's about it. But dammit, I am going to have clean floors on Mondays- the cleanest ever, lol. Tuesday-Sunday the floors can sometimes kiss my ass, but Monday- they are clean, lol.
      Good to know it's not just a military thing. ;)

  2. I would never have kept that specific to military had you not stated that. It actually sounded like any or
    many regular women in general but I love your share and honesty. You had many great points we indeed are women first!!!. Always learning stuff for sure thanks again for great share and great military tidbit lol

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you appreciate my honesty, because I sure have a lot of it, lol. ;)