Friday, July 18, 2014

A Virtual Book Tour For Me? How Awesome!

Alrighty, Inklingers, I have a virtual book tour coming up and I want you too come with me!!

What in the world is a virtual book tour? So glad you asked!!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I will be featured on several websites, with spotlights, interviews and guest posts that you haven't seen here on my blog. The tour schedule is below, and if it says 'Spotlight', that's an excerpt from my book and a little about me. 'Guest Blogging' means I've written one of my spunky articles for that website, and is new material for you all to read. 'Interviewed' means they asked me some great questions, many things you didn't know about me before this book tour. 

So, each day, and each website, has some great Tatted Mom stuff. 

I'm excited.

They will also be running a giveaway for a free signed copy of my book, so be sure to enter that!

AND (as if it couldn't get any better), I've discounted the price of my book for the virtual book tour to just $9.99 for paperback and only $2.99 for the Kindle download!!! If you don't have a copy of my book, this is definitely the time to pick one up!!

I had a lot of fun writing for and being interviewed by these amazing websites, so please take some time each
day to visit them and support my virtual book tour.

I really hope you will join me! We can tour together in our pajamas! Hells yeah!!

July 21 - Introduction at VBT CafĂ© Blog

July 21 - Spotlight at Notebook of Books

July 21 - Guest Blogging at Debbie Jeans

July 21 - Interviewed at My Life, Loves, and Passions

July 21 - Interviewed at Ghost Rider Book Promotions

July 21 - Guest Blogging at Reader's Cubby

July 22 - Guest Blogging at Black Coffee, Brown Cow

July 22 - Interviewed at The Avid Reader

July 22 - Spotlight at Black Lilac Kitty

July 22 - Spotlight at Fiction Zeal

July 22 - Spotlight at Bikers With Books

July 22 - Guest Blogging at Mythical Books

July 23 - Guest Blogging at Lori's Reading Corner

July 23 - Spotlight at Simplistic Reviews

July 23 - 6 Besties at BK Walker Books

July 23 - Spotlight at Deal Sharing Aunt

July 23 - Interviewed at PubSlush

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