Thursday, July 31, 2014

15 Years of Marriage, Summed Up in One Story

15 years ago today, Hubby and I said I doIn celebration of our anniversary, I shall tell y'all a short story that sums up our marriage perfectly.

Upon leaving our wedding reception to make the hour drive to our honeymoon hotel, Hubby and I sat in silence for about 5 minutes, probably partially in shock that we were finally a married couple.

Suddenly, Hubby farted a huge, long, loud fart.

I whipped my head toward him, in complete disbelief, as he had never farted in front of me before.

He simply stated, "Whew, thank god! I've been holding that in for hours. And don't look at me like that, there's nothing you can do now. We're married, and you are stuck with me." And he laughed a pretty hilarious, pretty evil, laugh.

15 years of marriage, and that story explains everything.

I do love that man, farts and all...

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  1. sakljf klwj klwje

    Ok, sorry. I was laughing so hard I couldn't type! That is totally how my brother was when he finally got married. My husband still tries to blame his on the dog!

    1. I've had 15 years of Hubby claiming his own, and being very proud of them, I might add.

  2. That's a very funny story! How was the whole honeymoon?