Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WTF Wednesday: Damn You, School-Like Pizza!!

Starting this blog post today is difficult, because I'm not exactly sure how far to go back, or whether to start with the nostalgia or the present day info. So, I'll do what I'd do in conversation: Throw out random words and promise I'll connect them by the end of the post.

School Pizza
Weight Watchers

There you go. Now we can begin, because y'all trust that I will connect the dots (la la la la la...).

I've been on Weight Watchers for about 2 and a half months now. I started out really well, lost 12 pounds in the first 2 months or so, and then took a few weeks off from point-counting to enjoy wine, cookouts and nights out with a friend who moved back to the east coast.

Let me pause for a second (in case some Weight Watchers' rep finds my blog and want to try and take me down): you can totally enjoy wine, cookouts and nights out with a friend when you are on WW. I had just already met my goal weight that they set for me, so I decided to see what I could do without tracking food each day before I set a new goal weight for myself. The result? I gained 2 pounds back and maintained that weight just fine.
YES!! This stuff!!
Pic Courtesy

So with all of the chaos of my friend leaving behind us, I decided to get back on track with WW to try and meet the new goal I had set for myself (and lose those extra pounds I had gained).

Now I'm going to jump back and take you on a trip down memory lane...

Y'all remember school pizza, right? I'm talking about that rectangle mass of cheese and mystery meat that was available pretty much every day in high school, but only on certain days (usually Friday) in middle school.

That stuff was AMAZING!!!

And, that stuff is not available anywhere to the general public. Trust me, I've looked. A few years ago,
Hubby's brother had a friend who worked in a school cafeteria, and they scored us some legitimate school pizza one weekend- Hubby and I were in heaven.

But present day, I can't find the stuff anywhere, and my kids tell me that the pizza in their schools is nothing like what Hubby and I describe.

Maybe they don't make it anymore. Maybe it was only an east coast thing. Maybe they found out that the yummy mystery meat and cheese-like topping wasn't fit for human consumption. Who knows...

My taste buds have long craved the taste of school pizza, and when I lived with my sister a few years ago, she introduced me to the Kroger brand individual pizzas- those damn things come pretty close to school pizza, and for that, I was thankful.

So, fast forward (or rewind, depending on where you are in all of my jumping around from past to present) to last summer, when I was hella extreme couponing. I acquired some of those Totino's Party Pizzas for free during a local store's mega sale. I happened to have about 8 coupons, so I stocked up, thinking the kids could have them for lunches during the summer.

Pic Courtesy
Little did I know, these gems were the closest thing to school pizza that I had gotten my hands on in 14 years (with the exception of the blissful weekend of actual school pizza, courtesy of Hubby's brother), and I'd be eating just as many as the kids.

The summer of 2013 passed, as did the deals on the party pizzas... until they rolled around again this summer. I was ecstatic to see coupons available last week that gave me these amazing pizzas for just $0.25 each. I bought 4 and happily headed home.

Yesterday, my family and I returned home from an exhausting shopping trip stocking up on camping items for next week's mini-vacation, and I was starving. I had forgotten to take a 1 or 2 point snack with me, which I normally do, so by the time we got home, I was almost ready to shave a cat and take a bite. The Girl opened the freezer and the Party Pizzas practically jumped out, screaming, "Eat me! Eat me!!" Yes, Party Pizza, yes I will...

About 30 minutes later, my belly was full of pizza and I was a happy person... until I decided to put my lunch into my Weight Watchers app...

Half a pizza: 9 points.
Whole pizza (which I had consumed): 18 effing points.

For reference, I'm supposed to be eating 26 points a day.

Yes, I know these pizzas are full of things no human should probably consume, especially a human on WW, but they are so good... They are truly my guilty pleasure, and one bite takes me straight back to my childhood, which is pretty cool.

But 18 points? Good grief. I ended up eating baked flounder with a salad and steamed broccoli for dinner and rounded out my day at 31 points total, which isn't horrible because WW gives you daily indulge points, but I'd rather use those on a glass of wine or a Weight Watchers ice cream sandwich.

Yes, I also learned the lesson that I need to research the food I want to eat prior to eating it. Had I done that, I would have only consumed 9 points worth of a half of a pizza. It would have been hard to do, but I would have done it in the name of my waistline and a glass of wine later in the evening.

So, one of my biggest WTF moments of this past week was definitely my 18 point pizza: not so much the fact that I had consumed the 18 points, but more the fact that my nostalgia and love of school pizza comes with an 18 point price tag.

Damn 18 point pizza...

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  1. I always make sure to look at serving size and calorie count after I eat something I've been craving...the damage is done already but the enjoyment was still there for at least a little bit lol! Like girl scout cookies...two Somoas are 140 cal...but damn they taste good!

    1. Mmmmm... I love Samoas. They'd be worth it to me, too, lol.

  2. So, I am also a fan of the old school "school" pizza... I have found these pizzas from Costco that are better than the party pizzas. They are a little smaller but they only take one minute and thirty seconds to cook in the microwave, which in my opinion makes them taste just like the flappy rectangle school pizza. Anyway, the brand is sabatasso's and Costco usually has them on sale.

    1. OMG Thank you!! I will definitely have to try those. Screw the 18 points, right? ;)