Thursday, May 29, 2014

Snakes, Tattoos and Boob Grabbing; 30 Days of Amazing Randomness

I know I have started out a lot of posts this year with "I've been MIA lately..." but I'm here today to show y'all why I've been MIA.

Through random pictures found on my phone.

This should be fun; I hope you all enjoy it half as much as I did, finding the pics on my phone.

These are all dated within the last 30 days. I could have gone back a little further, but when you get the randomness I have in just 30 days, you go with that. I posted them oldest to newest, so the first picture is from May 1st, the last picture from last night, May 28th.

Damn. My life.


In the last month of my life:

I have locked doors in the car and prayed while my friend tried to deal with a snake that crossed our path. Effing snake. I hate snakes.

I have gotten tattooed. Yes, this is the face I make when I get tattooed. 
Sexy, isn't it?

Background session #1 on my half sleeve is done. Now we just have to do the inside of my arm... 

My friends and I got all dressed up and headed out for a weekend at the casino. We ended up losing a combined $200+. But we had fun, so that's what counts, right?

I have tattooed friendship tattoos on the ladies above. Mine will be coming when I go for background session #2 to finish up my half sleeve.

I have lost some weight. Down 12 pounds total in 2 months. Thank you, Weight Watchers.

Shots were involved (first shots I've taken in years), which may have led to...

... a friend of mine trying to eat my face. She was gentle, don't worry...

Hubby and I took the kids to their first concert; Lindsey Stirling. And let me tell you, she rocked it!

I've had to say goodbye (or, as she puts it, "See you later") to an amazing friend of mine (center, of course, as she was the glue that held us all together). Yes, our goodbyes consisted of boob squeezing. 
Doesn't everyone's???

Military life sucks, when you make amazing friends like this and someone inevitably moves away. 
This picture here is one of my favorites, and sums up the 3 of us pretty perfectly. (Notice more hands on boobs...) 

The last 30 days of my life have been a roller coaster of ups and downs, amazing memories and tearful moments; things I do love sharing with you all, because it's what makes my life perfectly chaotic, and perfectly me.

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  1. Crazy life. Fun life. Lived life! You go, girl! :)

    1. Thank you!! I do enjoy my life, that's for sure, lol. ;)

  2. Man. I want the kinds of friends who grab your boobs.

  3. Aww..Dawn is so amazing! Hope you guys get stationed close together again soon!