Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WTF Wednesday: #TheDigitalAge

Before we jump into this post, I need to ask everyone to do a favor for me. When you get a little more than halfway through the post, to the conversation between Hubby and I, read things like "#TheDigitalAge" as "hashtag The Digital Age" for me, so I don't have to type it all out. It makes it a hell of a lot funnier to read Hubby and I having a hashtag conversation (which is what we did), plus, it's been a hell of a week, so you're helping me out by not making me type everything so literally. ;)

Last week, The Ginger came down with strep. Exactly one week later, to the day, The Girl ends up with a fever and scratchy throat.

This, the week after Spring Break and the week after the week after Spring Break. I haven't had a moment to myself in going on 3 weeks now.

Alas, I digress.
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The Ginger loved having an extra 2 days added to his Spring Break.

The Girl is freaking out. She begged to go to school, fever and all.

When we finally explained to her why she couldn't go to school, she begged me to run by the school and pick up her schoolwork so she could do it while she was sick.

She has so much of me in her, it's not funny. I was the exact same way in school.

So after begging and pleading, I finally decided to call the school, talk to the front desk and see if The Girl's teachers could compile everything for me to pick up the next day (as The Girl would be out a minimum of 2 days).

This is the conversation with the office manager at my daughter's school, after I explained the situation:

Office Manager: Don't you have your Parent Portal log in? You can just check your daughter's
homework there.
Me: My daughter has her homework. She wants the schoolwork they do during the day. And what's the Parent Portal?
OM: The website you go to look at your child's grades and check on them to see what homework they have every night.
Me: My kid just does her homework; I don't go to a website to tell me what she's supposed to be doing. She's even trying to do her schoolwork and her homework while she's at home, sick with strep throat.
OM: Oh, okay. Well, I can email her teachers with your request, but I have to let you know that they have up to 24 hours to reply back to my email.
Me: You are going to email her teachers?
OM: Yes, ma'am.
Me: The teachers right down the hall from the office?
OM: Yes, ma'am. 
Me: And the teachers, right down the hallway, take 24 hours to get to your email?
OM: Sometimes, yes.
Me: Okay. You can't send a note or something, or catch them when they come to the teacher's lounge?
OM: No, ma'am. We email. You could do the same, if you'd like.
Me: Gotcha. I guess that will have to work, then, won't it?

She then confirmed my email address, so when she emailed the teachers, they could correspond directly with me.

I got off the phone with a very confused look on my face.

Hubby: What?
Me: (explained the story) You know, sometimes I love the digital age, and sometimes it's a pain in the ass. 24 hours for a teacher to reply to an email about a sick kid. Really?
Hubby: Yeah, okay. You hate the digital age. Whatever. Go update your facebook status with all of this, and don't forget to #TheDigitalAge in it.
Me: You don't hashtag on facebook. You hashtag on twitter, dummy.
Hubby: Whatever. #ShutUp.
Me: How about I #YourFace?
Hubby: How about you #EatMyAss?
Me: How about you #EatYourOwnAss?
Hubby: That didn't even make any sense. 
Me: Sure it did, #You'reSoDumbYouDidn'tGetAHashtag.
Hubby: #Whatever.

Hubby and I, in the Digital Age, having a hashtag conversation.

One of my funniest WTF moments of the week.

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  1. It was totally more fun to read it as a #hashtag conversation :)