Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WTF Wednesday: If You Aren't From the South, You Won't Get It

Talking to my best friend on the phone the other day, and she says,

"My neighbors brought by some vegetable soup in jars, so I'm sending the jars back to them full of moonshine."

Hot damn, I miss the south.

Born in Virginia (yes, we are below the Mason-Dixon line, thank you), first stationed in North Carolina, last stationed in South Carolina, and I miss the south.

  • People wave at you for no reason in the south. 
  • Everyone is called Hun or Darlin' or Sweetheart, even if you've never met them before.
  • Bless Your Heart means something totally different there, and it's not a good thing.
  • Two words: Sweet Tea.
  • Neighbors bring you cookies or pies or a gift basket when you move in, partly because it's southern hospitality, partly because they are nosy and want to know where you came from.
  • Friends don't let you stay depressed, or in a funk, or even give you time to yourself. They take you out drinking to get your mind off of things, and knock on your window at the ass crack of dawn if you refuse to answer your door (true story right there).
  • Y'all is a completely acceptable word (a combination of you & all, for all y'all non-southerners).
  • Two more words: Pig Pickin'.
  • Playing in the mud with a big ass truck is a hell of a fun way to pass the time.
  • The right to bear arms is heavily exercised.
  • If you mess with one friend, you end up messing with them all. There's always a crazy friend, too, and we can't control her, sorry to say.
  • Everyone supports one another, and all come together when the shit hits the fan.
  • Cook outs start at around noon and can go on until the next morning... or afternoon... or the whole damn weekend.
  • Two more words: Day Drinking. And yes, it's perfectly acceptable.
  • Best friends are made, ones that are there for you forever, no matter when the last time was that you two even saw each other.
Right now we live in Arizona, and I'm sad to say I hate it here. I just don't fit in to this near-west-coast lifestyle, and I want to go back home.

Virginia. North Carolina. Georgia. 

At this point I'd be happy to be in territory unknown to me- the Deep South of Louisiana or Mississippi. 

I just miss it. 

If you aren't southern, you wouldn't understand. Most people who aren't from the south feel they need a passport to go there, because they are entering a completely different country.

To me, it's home.

And I'm okay here, I really am. Not depressed, staying busy, don't really think about how much I miss the south.

Until my friend mentions moonshine and friendly neighbors, two things that definitely don't exist in my desert world right now.

Then BAM! 

WTF, I'm homesick...

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  1. I get it Morgan! I'm back in the South (Georgia) after being in Europe for almost 3 years, and there is nothing like Southern hospitality, sweet tea, and sunshine! ;)

  2. Loved your share learned a few new things and have craving for some sweet tea lol :)

  3. I can't believe you didn't list cuz fuckers! Lol.. I lived in Arkansas for 5 years and whenever someone didn't like another family they called 'em cuz fuckers! I about died when I heard it.. And Omg.. That sweet tea.. Nothing like it and it's gotta' be out of a mason jar, well, almost everything is out of a mason jar and that's okay by me. I miss everything about the south except thost damn ticks n' chiggers!

    1. Amen. Can't go anywhere without those f*ckers attacking you. The ticks and chiggers, not the cuz f*ckers, lol. ;)