Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Want to be That Mom... But Not That One

My kids' Spring Break was last week. Over a week (they didn't go to school the Friday before) at home, with me, 24/7.

I want to say I was one of those moms who kept us all busy with educational yet fun trips to the zoo, or the science museum, or had fun picnics in the park.
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I want to say that. Deep down inside, that's the mom I feel I should be.

But, alas, I'm not.

Reality is, I'm the mom who, with her kids, caught up on Season 2 AND Season 3 of "Once Upon a Time" in a little over a week. I'm the mom who took the kids to the budget theater on $1.50 Tuesday to watch "The Nut Job" movie just because we could all go to a movie for under $5. I'm the mom who took her kids shopping one day and out to eat for lunch.

And that's about it.

We didn't spend the week baking cookies, making crafts or taking daily field trips to interesting places around town. We didn't even take the week to go on a family vacation to some amazing resort or fun amusement park.

We spent the week lazy.

Part of me is ashamed to admit what little we did over Spring Break.

Part of me is plagued with Mom Guilt that my kids and I didn't even take a day trip somewhere fun.

And part of me knows it was the best thing possible for my kids right now. We have been sticking to a pretty
strict routine lately that involves homework, chores, and a nightly walk every evening, so letting them do nothing for a whole week is probably just what they needed.

To the moms out there who filled their children's Spring Break (or will fill, I know our school system has an early Spring Break) with fun activities that integrate learning something, craft time, field trips and keeping the children busy- you are amazing. I want to be that mom. I really thought, when I became a stay-at-home-mom again, I would be that mom.

But, I'm the mom who lets her kids take a break on Spring Break. No homework, no activity-filled day trips. They helped me figure out some pricing and lists for an extreme couponing trip, and we started watching the "Planet Earth" BBC documentary, but that's as far as I made them think this week.

To the moms who took the lazy route on Spring Break like me- we should seriously band together and fight off the Mom Guilt... or y'all should at least talk my Mom Guilt off of the edge of the cliff, if I'm the only one who feels bad about doing nothing all week. Mom Guilt sucks.

My kids will either go back to school tomorrow recharged and ready to tackle their days...

Or they'll go back as brain farting heaping masses of lazy.

Fingers crossed for the first, so the Mom Guilt doesn't cause me to plan out our entire summer vacation, filled with day trips, activity sheets to accompany trips to the zoo, book reports and essays on why breaks should never be taken.

I don't want to be that mom.

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  1. Although in not a SAHM I feel yah. Today is the first day in months that I didn't leave our ranch to do some inane activity. Although I did hit up the corner store for teriyaki sauce and diet Pepsi (a rice-cracker like me does have requirements thankyouverymuch). And it felt lovely to just sit in the grass with the kidlets and the animals. Until I realized its only eleven o'clock and I'm still required to cook and clean and yada yada yada. Sometimes boredom is necessary to realize how much we enjoy the busyness. You're a good momma, I'm a good momma and those *$#& Pinterest mommas are good too!!

    1. Amen. While I loved having my kids home and being lazy, it made me realize how much I actually get done in a day when they aren't here... which is a lot, lol. Glad to get back to that!