Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WTF Wednesday: The Stairs of Death

While I am a stay-at-home-mom, and it is my job to clean the house, it is not my job to play maid by cleaning up after everyone. My kids, almost 12 and 9 years old, and Hubby, are perfectly capable of cleaning up after themselves, and then I'm supposed to just do the major house stuff (sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc) to get the house clean.

Of course, things never go as they are supposed to. Hubby leaves for work, the kids leave for school, and there is clutter left everywhere that I refuse to put in its proper place because it's not my clutter. It does, however, make it very difficult to do my regular house cleaning with crap laying all around.

So, I had to come up with a solution. I thought about putting it all in a basket, and having people go through it, but I knew my family: I knew we'd just end up with a random basket full of shit that no one wanted to go through. Then a light bulb came on:

Pile everything onto the foot of the stairs, and that way, people could just pick up their stuff on the way to their rooms and put it all away. It gets it out of my way so I can clean, but I'm not actually putting it away, leaving that the responsibility of its owner.

Great plan, right?


This is what happens in my house when you pile crap onto the stairs -->

I cleaned on Monday. It is now Wednesday. The stairs have looked like this for 2 days.

Which is why I now call them The Stairs of Death.

Shoes randomly fall.

Cats decide to lay on the clothes, causing the pile to fall over into the walkway.

Family members pile more crap on top without putting away the stuff underneath. Why? Because apparently there's a game in my house that everyone plays called Let's Just Add to the Problem Instead of Being Part of the Solution. Or maybe the game is called How Much Shit Can We Pile on Top of Other Shit Until the Pile of Shit Falls? It's like Jenga, I think.

It honestly baffles me. It seriously makes me scratch my head, wondering WTF? My kids run up and down
the stairs about 5,427 times a day. They come downstairs only to forget why they were coming downstairs, and turn around and go right back up them... leaving their crap on the stairs behind them.

We already have a crazy house. The puppy chases cats. Cats chase cats. Kids chase the puppy. Kids chase kids. Up stairs. Down stairs. It sucks having a monster made of shoes, clothes, toys and goodness knows what else, growing bigger by the day on the stairs, reaching out to grab you as you simply try to head to your bedroom. 

And yes, my stubbornness has me refusing to pick the stuff up and put it in the appropriate places. I'm not my family's maid. Do I understand how much of a hazard it is, having it overtake the stairs? Yes, I do. Does it worry me? Yes, it does. 

So, I nag. I remind people every single time they go up the stairs to grab something and take it with them. 

I've become the troll that lives under the stairs... or, right next to them, I guess... giving people their price for heading upstairs: Take 1 pair of shoes and a shirt, or you don't get to cross. 

I just don't get it. I don't understand what's so hard about grabbing something of theirs, that goes in their room, while they are walking to their rooms. 

This continuously gives me a WTF moment of my week.

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  1. Yep. It's a problem. My kids are a lot younger so we usually do it together. I like to dream that I'm teaching them good habits on how to pick up. Haha, yes I'm sure they are just soaking it in.

    1. Good luck to you that they retain the info and keep up with it, lol. ;)

  2. I have the stairs of death for other reason such as falling down them. But I do also pile stuff there occasionally so it can be brought upstairs. I feel ye exact same way that I am not my family's maid and I get so mad that I have to do everything. But in that note all miss are little. But some of them should still be responsible for there items.

    1. I started with my kids at like 18 months old, just having them clean up their blocks and stuff (with my help, of course). It's never too early. Now, whether or not they do it when they are capable of doing it themselves is a completely different story, lol.

  3. start holding their stuff for ransom!

    1. YES!!!! Thank you for the idea. Not sure why I didn't think of that...

  4. I have exactly the same shit-pile! I think we even have the same carpet. I just don't understand it. #2 will go through the pile to find something, but just carefully balances everything back into the pile and continues upstairs. I've even caught them lying upside down on the stairs to get into the pile! W. T. F?

    1. Are you sure we don't have the same kids?? Lol. ;)

  5. Ahh the pile at the bottom of the stairs! We have that too, and I just find that it ends up in my nagging them to go through the pile rather than nagging them to get their stuff picked up from random places around the house. I still think that they are more likely to clean up the mess from one spot then being told to walk around the house and gather their crap up! And at least I know when they have finally done it...

    1. Same in our house. I nag the kids to clean up, they complain and sulk. I compile it all into one location, they complain and sulk when reminded to just grab their stuff as they go up. (Sigh) ;)