Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WTF Wednesday: The Military Basher

So many bloggers out there do Wordless Wednesday, where they post a picture that says 1,000 words on their blog and that's it for the day.

I'm not a typical blogger. Instead, I'm starting WTF Wednesdays, where I will tackle a subject that just has me scratching my head and wondering, WTF?

Today's first installment of WTF Wednesday is about The Military Basher.

I'm sure most of you have seen this picture in your facebook newsfeed:

(I have pixelated her face and covered her name because it is not my intent to further fuel hate actions against her. I'm simply here to give my opinion on the matter, which is why y'all come to my blog, right?)

If you haven't seen this picture, it's probably because you aren't associated with the military, but this picture has circled the military wives' lists about 100 times over in the last week. The last time I checked, though, this photo had been shared over 12,000 times total on facebook, so chances are, you've seen it.

My WTF doesn't solely lie with this child's opinion and what she stated. It lies with the grownups who felt the need to berate this child, via her facebook, by sending her hate messages. That's the problem I have when it comes to this scenario.

My husband is military. He has served almost 16 years, has been overseas, has been to combat areas, and
has been deployed in the states when the shit hit the fan for America. So, of course, this child's ignorant opinion of the military angers me. But before I decided to send her a message on facebook, calling her names and telling her exactly what I felt about her opinion, I remembered that I was an adult. So, I clicked on her profile to see who she is.

She states that she left her high school in May of 2013. Not even sure if she graduated, as that wasn't specifically stated. So, even if she did graduate, and assuming she is of average age of a high school graduate, that makes the child around 18 years old. This is why I continue to refer to her as a child. Yes, technically, at the age of 18, you are considered an adult, but when you reach your 30s, everyone under the age of say 22 or 23 is a child in your eyes. Many of them haven't even begun to live life, especially at the age of 18, like this girl. Looking at her public pictures, she's not living in a war zone, or isn't starving or homeless, has nice clothes and a nice phone which she uses to take 5,243 selfies, like any "normal" teenager. So, logical reasoning would suggest she's at least middle class, and the biggest upset of her life up to this point has probably been a break up with her boyfriend (this is all my opinion, and is not supported by any facts other than what was publicly stated on her facebook page by her). 

So, with all of that in mind, I pose a few different questions to the people across the world who see this picture:
  1. Why is the opinion of a naive 18 year old so newsworthy?
  2. Isn't everyone entitled to their opinion, whether it's mainstream or not?
  3. Isn't the right for Americans to convey their opinions protected under the Constitution of the United States of America?
  4. Why would an adult, actually, several thousand adults, read the opinion of a naive 18 year old child and take it upon themselves to email her, bullying her about her opinion?
  5. Do these "adults" who inbox messaged her not have anything better to do with their lives?
Do I support this child and her unconventional (and inaccurate) opinion of the military? Oh hell no. If she was standing in front of me today, I'd buy her a cup of coffee so we could sit down and I could talk to her about what military life is like for the members and their families. 

But she's not standing in front of me. She posted her opinion on her own facebook, in private, viewable by people she thought she could trust, and some asshole screenshot it and shared it with the world.

In more ways than one, I pity this child. 

I feel sorry some rat on her facebook page outed her to the entire world.
I feel sorry for the assload of inbox messages she's received, being bullied by people who call themselves adults.
I feel sorry that she doesn't understand that it's because of the military that she has the right to express such an ignorant opinion.
I feel sorry that she hasn't taken the time to truly understand all the military does for her, and what it stands for.
I feel sorry that she'd rather make an uneducated, negative statement about the people of the military instead of taking the time to educate herself.
I feel sorry that because of one status update she will now be known as The Military Basher.

Did she bring it on herself? Honestly... yes and no. She is naive and ignorant of something she posted a status about, something that touches the hearts of most Americans. So, she should have thought twice before posting the status. But, did she expect her post to go viral? I can almost guarantee she didn't.

I've seen so many comments on the picture of people saying they inboxed her to let her know the truth about the military. I've seen people say that if they didn't message her, she would continue to be ignorant and say ignorant things. Even if I agreed with either of these statements (which I don't), I can't help but wonder why these people felt they had to be the ones to educate her? I'm sure many people on her actual friend's list, people she shared the status with, did that just fine. 

And I really don't understand the people who commented on the picture saying they inboxed her calling her names and bullying her. That's the biggest WTF moment I had with this. Grownups, emailing and bullying a child, just because her opinion was different than theirs. An uneducated, naive opinion at that.

But do I think the child is anti-American? No. I think she hasn't been informed correctly about the military and all that it entails. 

Is my husband a "pussy in a superhero costume," as she so eloquently stated? Not at all. But everyday he puts on that uniform, he is a hero in my eyes, and his kids' eyes. He gets thanked by random strangers for what he does for the US, and it brings a tear to my eye every time. He has been in situations that the child above could only have nightmares about. Each day I am thankful for him and for what he has done for this family and for the United States. 

So, once the initial blood rush from reading such an ignorant opinion died down, and my nerves calmed themselves, did what she had to say even register on my radar, as a 33 year old military wife of 15 years? Not at all.

It did, however, give me my biggest WTF moment of the week.

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  1. Wow, I hadn't seen that, and I agree that while her opinion get's my blood boiling it's not worth ridiculing her over. Heck, I may look back someday on my current blog posts and shake my head at my stupidity lol! As a side note, thank you to you and your family for the sacrifices you have made for me and mine ;)

    1. =) Thank you. And, like you, I know there are some blog posts of mine that probably should have been thought about twice before posting, lol. ;)

  2. I'm not military in any sense of the word so I won't pretend I know what that life within the military is like. But I am wondering: where are her parents and what do they think about their daughter's stance?

    1. I wondered that myself. I also wondered what the comments were on her actual post, made by her friends. Hmmm....

  3. Im thinking there may have been something that happened to her to make her post something like that, maybe as trivial as being rejected by someone in the military. Her way of having childish temper tantrum.

    1. Agreed. That was some of the speculation in the gazillion comments left by people on the original picture. Did seem like quite a jaded status, and yes, a teenager's temper tantrum. Sometimes I prefer the 2 year old's tantrums- those are just screaming and jumping up and down, lol.

  4. You know, I hate tattoos. I mean, not on other people, but for myself. I literally have nightmares that I suddenly wake up with a misshapen image of Winnie the Poo on my butt. So when I originally started reading your posts I was like "will I be able to relate to this chick?"

    I am SO GLAD I clicked over! This is some stupendous writing, poured out from a heart of gold.

    1. Awww, thank you! We tattooed people can be quite colorful (hahaha, pun intended). ;)

  5. How could these people be so mean. I really don't understand :/