Friday, November 15, 2013

You Know You're a Frazzled Mom When...

This happens:

Before you go off on me, thinking I took a picture of some innocent random person at the grocery store, I'll stop you.

This picture is of me.

I left the house yesterday in a tired stupor to go pick The Girl up from school. Slid my feet into 2 shoes near
each other by the front door and went about my business. We decided to stop at the grocery store on the way home, and as we were walking into the store, I couldn't figure out why I was walking all lop-sided...

So I looked down.

And burst out laughing.

I didn't even confuse 2 different flip flops. Nope. A flat and a flip flop.

This is why I need a coffee IV.

My kids were extremely embarrassed, so they stuck to me like bodyguards, trying to shield me from anyone seeing my chaos. We grabbed our 2 items for dinner and hauled ass, but not before The Girl snapped a picture while I was at self-checkout.

This is my crazy life, and I'm not even the mother of newborns or toddlers.

You should head back here on Monday for the Rock This Parenting Thing Book Blitz, where I'll be joined by 5 other frazzled parents who, like me, have written down the craziness and are sharing their stories with the world, in book-form. These amazing ladies (and gent- from Scotland- it makes me giggle) all have kick-ass books that you should definitely check out!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Just be here Monday, November 18th, and you'll get to read all about them, their books, find out where they hang out (online, not in a stalkerish way), and enter for a chance to WIN one of their books!!

I'm going to go dose up on coffee now so I don't repeat yesterday's offense.

Maybe I could start a trend. Hmmm....

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