Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Son of a... I'm Done For

Trying to get my Christmas shopping done, and Hubby tells me that The Ginger likes these new-ish things called Pop figures. I've seen them here and there, and The Ginger has a Nightwing one, so I decided to research online (though, per our agreement for Christmas this year, we will be buying them from local comic book stores).

These little suckers are ADORABLE!!

As I'm searching for DC Comic ones for The Ginger, damn if an Alice in Wonderland one doesn't pop up.

Then Walking Dead ones.
How effing cute?!?! Pic courtesy

Then Big Bang Theory ones.

Then Supernatural ones, which don't even come out until December.

Son of a bitch, I'm done for. I want these little bastards more than The Ginger does.

Game of Thrones.

Jay and Silent Bob.

The Goonies will be released in January.


No, this is not a sponsored post in any way, shape or form. If someone from Funko wants to compensate
me for this free freaking advertising for them, I'd like to be paid in Pop figures, please. Any of the sets above will be greatly appreciated.

Or the DC Comic ones my kid wants, but whatever. This is about me now.

Searching for toys for my son, and I end up wanting more than he does. How does that even happen? And how do I not own any of these yet?

And how did I instantly go from a 32-year-old mom, responsibly getting her kid's Christmas shopping done ahead of time, to a child, drooling over the latest cool toy?

And what in the hell are we going to do with 749 Pop figures (okay, it's not that many, but y'all know I like to exaggerate to make my point sometimes)? Stack them up in my front room? Build armies and have Game of Thrones vs. The Big Bang Theory wars in the living room?

Now that's an idea.

Son of a bitch, I'm done for.

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