Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Chance at Being Millionaires Shot Down in All Its Glory

They say everyone has their shot at the Big Time, and sometimes the door to that big shot is only open once.

Our shot, as a family, came last week with probably the best idea that Hubby has ever come up with.

Yeah, it didn't last long.
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Hubby was cooking dinner last week, and this conversation occurred:

Hubby: Hey, why don't we have any season salt in the cabinet?
Me: Because I don't use season salt anymore.
Hubby: Well, I want some in the house.
Me: Okay, fine.
Hubby: I told you about this last week.
Me: Okay, well, did you add it to the list?
Hubby: What list?
Me: The grocery list.
Hubby: No. I told you. You were supposed to put it on the list.
Me: Well, I don't care about season salt, so it didn't register enough in my brain for me to add it to the list. Sorry.

And this, Inklingers, is when it happened...

Hubby: There should be an app for your phone for a grocery list.
Me: There are hundreds of grocery list apps, honey.
Hubby: Yeah, but there should be one where the whole family can add stuff to the list, and it syncs it all into one list. So, I could add something, and it goes to the list, and The Girl could add something from her phone, and it adds it to the list, and then you have the family list on your phone when you go shopping.

A silence fell in my kitchen. Everyone was contemplating this amazing idea.

The Girl grabbed her phone and headed to the app store. I refused to speak until her search results popped
up. This idea was epic and I'm not gonna lie- part of me was jealous I didn't think of it.

The Girl: There are grocery list apps, but none like what Dad just said.

Son of a bitch, you have to be kidding me. No one has thought of this? It's genius. We could create that app, and be millionaires.

Apparently everyone in my family was thinking the same thing I was, because as I looked around the room, they were all staring off into space, no doubt daydreaming about shopping sprees, vacationing in Bali and sports cars.

Hubby: Woman, you are the computer technical one- get on that! Go design the app.

I jumped onto my computer and started looking up sites to design an app, because while I understand basic html and can design the hell out of a blog, I have no idea where to start with app design. Several options popped up, and we start discussing how much money we are going to put into designing this app, and whether we will charge for it, or make it free, and totally get ahead of ourselves.

So I took a step back.

And went to the app store myself and typed in "family grocery list".

And that, dear Inklingers, is when all of our hopes and dollar sign dreams plummeted.

Me (to The Girl): What did you type in when you ran the search in the app store?
The Girl: "Grocery List Sync App"
Me: And nothing came up?
The Girl: Nope.
Me: Well then. I need to teach you how to search better.
Out of Milk App

With all of the expression drained from his face, and the twinkling light fading from his eyes, Hubby spoke up.

Hubby: Why? What did you find?
Me: First app to come up is called "Out of Milk".
Hubby: Okay, so it's a grocery list app. It doesn't do what we want it to do... does it?
Me: (reading from the app store) Shopping list, Pantry list and To Do List in a small easy-to-use app... syncing and list sharing is free...
Hubby: Well, shit.
Me: Oh, wow. It was rated Babble's #1 of Top 25 Apps for Moms, Nielsen's Top 10 Most-Used Shopping Apps... holy crap, you can get notifications of grocery deals while in the grocery store...
Hubby: Dammit. That's more than what our app would have done.
Me: Oh, you can scan barcodes on items to automatically add them...
Hubby: (grumbles)

A few seconds goes by, me playing on my phone.

Hubby: What are you doing?
Me: Nothing.
Hubby: Are you downloading the app?
Me: Hell yeah. It's an awesome app.
Hubby: You can't do that. That's the enemy's app.
Me: But it's so good. You should download it too, so we can have a synced list.
Hubby: I refuse. That app is stupid.
Me: (laughing) Awww... is your butt hurt because someone came up with the app already?
Hubby: (grumpy look on his face) Maybe.
Me: Well, it's a damn good app, and exactly what you wanted. Now we don't have to waste time designing it.
Hubby: Figures. An amazing idea, and it's already been done.
Me: Yep. That's how it goes.
The Girl: That's okay. We can just come up with a new app to make us millions.
Me: It doesn't work like that, honey. Great ideas are usually born out of necessity. People come up with things to solve problems. It's harder if you are sitting around, trying to come up with an idea, than if one just presents itself like this one did.
The Girl: Well, that sucks. I wanted to be rich.
Me: We all do, honey. We all do.

Sigh. Our shot at amazingness when it came to a simple shopping app was shot down as soon as it was presented.

And I was already planning our victory celebration trip to LegoLand. Damn.

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  1. Grocery Gadget is another app that does what you want. You can add to it from any device and it syncs almost instantly. It also has places to adjust what category/aisle each product is on and it's price. If you are really detailed about that (I'm not) you'll know approx how much your shopping trip will cost before you leave home. I have no affiliation with it beyond being a happy user multiple times per week.