Monday, October 7, 2013

Being In-Love with My Family (In a Non-Angelina-Jolie-and-Her-Brother-Creepy Way)

Oh what a difference one little year makes.

This week my kids are on Fall Break. If you have been with me over a year now, you'll remember that last year, I was not so happy about this Fall Break from school. Maybe it was because we lived in a 900 square foot 2 bedroom apartment, or because it was my first year as a parent to kids in this jacked up school district, but I was dreading the break almost a month before it arrived.

This year I'm happy. Really happy.

Maybe it's because we're in an actual house, where the kids have their own rooms, and they aren't on top of me all day. Maybe it's because I was run ragged with The Girl's volleyball season that I'm welcoming the break from practices and games before she starts with basketball season next week.
So THAT'S what I did with my kids...

Or maybe...

Just maybe...

Sometime in the last year, I re-fell in-love with my kids.

Gasp! What? She didn't love her kids for a year? What a horrible mother!!

Hold your horses, there. I didn't say I didn't love my kids. I will always love my kids. Even when they are being buttheads, I will love my kids.

Sometime in the last year, I fell in-love with my kids again. That's something completely different.

Motherhood is crazy. Some days are great; some days are bad. Some days we adore our kids; some days we wish they'd go to their rooms and not come out until tomorrow. Through every moodswing that
motherhood brings, we moms always love our kids. But we don't always like our kids, or are in-love with our kids.

And this isn't the same type of in-love like I am with Hubby. It's nothing like that.
Not this. 

Nor is it creepy like when Angelina Jolie said she was in-love with her brother. That. Was. Bizarre.

It's a different warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart.

It's a combination of enjoying their company, and appreciating their personalities, while having that thought in the back of your head that you helped create who they are. That thought immediately fills your heart with warmth, and you want to wrap your arms around your kids and squeeze them tight because finally, finally you got something 100% right in your life.

Well, maybe not 100% right. Maybe, like, 99% right. I'll take off 1% for how The Ginger farts on people... no, wait. He gets that 1% back because he now jumps up, runs to the corner of the room, farts, then re-joins us. It's pretty freaking hilarious. Well, there's The Girl's really creepy face where she smiles like a deranged clown, pushes her cheeks up with her hands and simply says, "Tee hee"- that definitely loses 1%... Except it's really freaking hilarious, too, so she gets that 1% back.

Damn. Maybe I did finally get something 100% correct in my life. My kids. My beautiful, crazy, hilarious kids.

See? That's what being in-love with your kids is all about. It's seeing them for who they are- the good, the bad, and the ugly- and you still can't wait to curl up on the couch with them for a week and catch up on your TV shows, or go Halloween shopping with them, or do crafts with them.

With my kids being a little older (The Girl is 11 and The Ginger will be 9 next month), their personalities are in full swing, and I genuinely look forward to spending time with them. I can carry on actual conversations with them, and tell them about things going on in my life, while understanding things going on in their lives. I can relate to things they say, or feelings they have, and their tastes in TV, movies and hobbies and activities are very similar to mine. This must be one of the Golden Stages of parenthood- the time after the tantrums and finger-painting stage of having younger kids, but before the not seeing eye-to-eye and arguing of teenagehood. I seriously need to treasure this stage.

You won't always be in-love with your kids every single step of the way throughout motherhood. Those women who say they are in-love with their kids 24/7 are lying, or are on some really, really great happy pills (or wine). Y'all know I will be honest with you when it comes to motherhood, and while I'm not the mom who rants and raves every single day about how motherhood sucks (if you thought you'd get that here, you are sorely mistaken- head to some other blogs for that BS), I will tell you about the great days and the horrible ones.

I will help you with those days where being in-love with your kids is the furthest thing from your mind- all you want to do is come out of your hiding spot in the back of the closet.

I'll also be here when that warm, fuzzy feeling hits you, and you realize that at least for that day, that moment, you have fallen in-love with your kids all over again.

Savor those moments as much as you possibly can, because when you least expect it...

I laughed so hard at this!!
Pic Courtesy of One Pretty Little Box
... you'll turn around to find that your kids did not even touch the dirty dinner dishes from the night before that are now overtaking the kitchen. It's so bad, that you can't even get the coffee pot under the water faucet to fill it up because the sink is so full. You remember telling them to do the dishes. Then you remember happily curling up with them in the living room to watch a family movie. How did you not even see that they didn't touch the dishes?

Oh, right, because you are in-love with your kids again, and being in-love has its blinders (think back to how you never saw flaws in people you were dating, but your friends could see everything- blah).

Damn blinders.

Well, that was fun. Now it's time to wake them up, have them clean the kitchen, and then plop on the couch to veg out and watch our shows.

Here's to looking forward to the next in-love moment with my kids, which will hopefully come after my kids actually do the chores they know they have to do.

Damn dirty dishes. Ruined everything...

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