Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Letter to My Loyal Readers and to My Haters Alike

I have received a very large increase in traffic lately, due to an article I wrote over a year ago. It has caused quite an emotional rollercoaster for me because of the negative comments and opinions that have been directed toward me. After much thought, I have decided to make a statement:

The Inklings of Life is MY blog. It is a place where I can vent, express my opinions, share my advice and my life stories. I stand behind every single article I have posted, and every word of every article. I don't expect everyone to agree with everything I have to say. That's what makes life so interesting- diversity. But, if you have ventured onto my blog looking to berate me or my readers, then keep on clicking- that behavior is not tolerated here. If my blog is not for you, then simply move on and find one better suited for you. I can tell you now, I won't lose sleep over the fact that you aren't here. The people who understand my words, and appreciate what I have to say, even if they don't always agree with me, are the ones who are meant to be here, and it's those people who I will continue to write to, continue to entertain, continue to respect, and continue to protect. 

All comments on any post older than 2 weeks are moderated on my site. It's not just one particular article, despite what many people who happen upon my blog think. This is to keep spammers in check. If your comment is respectful of me, my readers and my blog, even if the opinion differs from mine, it will be approved. 99% of the time, 'Anonymous' comments are simply deleted. If you can't stand behind your comment on my post, then why would I include your comment on my post? But I will say that I don't spend my time sitting around, waiting for comments to moderate; I do have a life. So, if your comment doesn't make it through immediately, it's probably because I'm spending time with my family, or promoting my book, or extreme couponing, or enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.

For those who have been with  me for the last 3 years (or 2 years, or 1 year, or 1 week, but you feel at home here), thank you. You all have become a family for me, and have helped me create a space where I am comfortable sharing my thoughts, my goals, my downfalls, my insecurities, and a place where you can share your own, through comments on my posts, or by emailing me directly.

For those who want to leave comments berating me or calling me names, I have to wonder where your time would be better spent, because, as far as I'm concerned:

No one has a gun held to your head, demanding you read my blog. No one is telling you to take time out of your busy life to tell me that I'm a *%#^&@%^&$%#. And to be quite honest, no one who reads this blog
on a regular basis, will care what you have to say. So, if your opinion of me or my writing is that strong, then by all means, start your own blog and share your opinion there.

I will continue to post articles that are written from my heart, no matter what the topic. Through all of the strife caused by one particular article I wrote over a year ago, I have received great advice from many family members and friends. My favorites have been:

If you pissed someone off with your writing, then you must have done something right.

No publicity is bad publicity.

and the one I have taken to heart the most:

For every person who disagrees with what you say, there is another person there who appreciates the fact that you said it, and will not only continue to read your blog, but share it with their friends. The haters will go away and find something else to hate, but the people who are meant to find you, will, and they'll be happy to stay.

This is why I write- to help make sense of the chaotic world around me, and inside of me, and to help find others going through the same thing. And this is exactly why I will continue to write.

Thank you again to those who support Inklings, and me. It is because of you that Inklings grows each day, that people find a home here, and that I continue to have the guts to say what most people won't.

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  1. carriemleonard@gmailOctober 15, 2013 at 5:11 PM

    Thank you for sharing with all of us. You bring light into a dark world! Keep on writing.

  2. Man, screw those guys! We all know you're the awesomesauce. ;)

  3. Seriously?? Omg.. I am the QUEEN of speaking my mind and offending people but like you, guess what, it's MY blog! Unfollow me - and someone did today - whatever, someone else will come along and appreciate my open honesty, mind and politically incorrect potty mouth. Just keep writing Morgan. You said it best, it's YOUR blog!

    1. Thank you so much! I checked out your blog (and facebook group)- I LOVE both! So glad you found me, you commented, and I stalked you, lol. ;)

  4. Haters gonna hate! Keep doing what you're doing! We love it!!!

  5. I love your writing, though I found you only recently. I had this random post about Bento Boxes that blew up and had this mommy-hater website sending all these people over to leave anonymous trolly comments. It was my most-read post! I was like, "cool, more people are reading my blog!" *shrug* ;)

    1. I read that post of yours, and saw all of the comments- most of them were ridiculous. People were jumping all on you for the stupidest things.
      I don't let the trolly comments through. That's a decision I made when I started my blog. I don't spammy comments through, either. Most of the people don't even bother to read the post, so, to me, their comments don't warrant appearing on my site- especially the really vulgur ones. Don't get me wrong, I cuss. I cuss like a sailor some days. But, not in the direction of people, or call them names- especially on their own personal site. That's just distasteful.

  6. Good for you! The hell with those people!