Monday, August 19, 2013

When Blogging Alter Egos and Secret Identities Collide

I've realized as the release for my upcoming book draws near, my two worlds are beginning to collide. Since I began blogging back in 2010, my blog posts have been signed 'Tatted Mom'. I made the decision back then to not use my real name in posts, and never my kids' names or faces. Now, 3 years later, I've held true to keeping my kids anonymous, but my alter ego is no longer a secret.
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Basically, I've become more of an Iron Man blogger, with the entire world knowing that I'm Tony Stark in the exoskeleton, instead of living my days as Bruce Wayne and my nights as Batman, and no one ever connecting the dots. I'm becoming okay with this. I like Tony Stark. He's quirky and sarcastic, much like me.

It really got me thinking as to what makes 'Tatted Mom' different than me, Morgan, or if there even is a difference anymore after 3 years of my two lives slowly melting together. I decided to list it all out. This post is great for the newbies to Inklings- especially those who know Morgan, but not Tatted Mom. This will be fun for y'all.

Tatted Mom

1. 32 year old mother to The Girl and The Ginger, elusive children who only ever appear in pictures with their backs facing the camera, or their faces covered.

2. Sarcastic, highly opinionated, and not afraid to speak her mind.

3. Strange sense of humor that 72% of readers don't actually get (okay, so that percentage is completely made up and is an example of her strange sense of humor). Those who get it stick around so she can make them shoot coffee out of their noses every morning by laughing at new posts. Those who don't get it either stick around because they want to get it, because they absolutely hate it and have to see what vile, wretched thing she has to say next, or they leave and never come back. She doesn't cry when those people who don't get her, leave.

4. Has a potty mouth.

5. Gives great advice in very unique, often coated in sarcasm, ways.

6. Very honest and open about the questions she's asked or the topics she writes about.

7. Married to Hubby, who is just as sarcastic and quick witted as she, so their banter leaves many readers
wanting more dual-written posts from them.

8. Is an uber bitch when she needs to be.

9. Is always right. Okay, so she's not always right, but when she is right, she's right, and even if you hate her opinion, you have to admit that she argued it eloquently.

10. Slams her posts down with a BANG! for the whole world to see.


1. 32 year old mother to... ah, you aren't tricking me with that one. In real life, my kids are camera hogs. I'm always finding pictures on my phone that look like they actually stuck the entire phone up their noses and took a picture of their brains. And they wait for my reaction, giggling about 3 feet away from me, when I pick up my phone and see what surprise they left me.

2. Sarcastic, highly opinionated, but in real life, I tend to keep my opinions to myself. If you want to know my opinion about something, you have to actually ask me for it, otherwise, I rarely volunteer it. Now, if you do ask, prepare for me to tell you exactly what I'm thinking, even if it's something you don't want to hear.

3. Strange sense of humor that most people don't get. Good thing is, if they don't get it, they aren't a part of my daily life. If they do get it, they are. It's that simple. And, I don't cry either when people who don't get me walk out of my life. Sometimes they are pushed out my life... off a cliff... into a patch of thorny briars down below... inside a nest of vultures... who haven't eaten in a week.

4. Has a potty mouth- worse than what's on my blog, if you can believe it.

5. Gives great advice if asked, and it's usually straight forward. Then people argue with me, to which I reply, "Well, you shouldn't have asked, then."
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6. Honest and open about questions I'm asked, but I do tend to sugar-coat crap when I'm telling someone something they don't want to hear. You know, it's like what Mary Poppins says- "A spoonful of vodka helps the valium go down..." Wait. That's not right...

7. Married to.... ha! Not getting me again... Hubby, whose real life banter has created some awkwardly silent rooms that people weren't sure if they should leave or wait for the punchline, which is all resolved when he and I start laughing and kiss. Then people nervously laugh, too. And never come back for another cookout.

8. Tends to flip the Bitch Switch prematurely in situations. Overall, I'm actually pretty damn nice once you get to know me. It's getting over my Bitch Wall that's, well, a bitch, but once you are over, we're good.

9. I tend to take 'right' and 'wrong' out of scenarios when I actually talk to people. I do argue eloquently, though. So much that people refuse to argue with me, which inevitably means that I'm always right, just like Tatted Mom... if we were keeping score, of course... which we aren't. You like how I made that connection, didn't you?

10. I tend to sneak in the back door, "The Faculty" style, and nudge my nose into conversations where I want my opinion heard. People tend to listen more that way.

I think overall, there's not much difference between Tatted Mom and Morgan. Tatted Mom tends to be a little more rough-around-the-edges, but honestly, that's to be expected when you are dealing with an online persona. I'm just as witty and humorous in real life as I am on my blog, have the same outrageous opinions on things, and am honest when it comes to speaking my mind. I just tend to dial it down a notch in real life, depending on the situation I'm in or the people around me.

What do y'all find to be the best when it comes to other blogs and bloggers you know- their online persona to be similar to who they are in real life, or do you find it more interesting when the blogger's online persona is completely different than the person who writes the blog? I'd love opinions on this one!!

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