Monday, July 1, 2013

When Your Perfect Birth Plan Doesn't Go as Expected

When I've been asked by moms-to-be for a great book to read to help get them prepared for motherhood, the first book that has always come to mind is  What to Expect When You're Expecting. It covers pretty much everything you could possibly encounter during pregnancy, and is probably the best guide on pregnancy out there.

The movie was pretty amazing, too. My pregnancy was like Elizabeth Banks' character, and I laughed and cried through that entire thing.

So, when the people at asked me to write an article for their blog, I didn't hesitate. I chose to tell the story of the perfect birth plan I researched and wrote when I was pregnant with The Girl, and how that birth plan was in pieces by the time my daughter was born.

Being asked to write for's Word of Mom blog was a true honor, as a writer, and as a mom, so a huge thanks goes out to them for asking me. After you are done reading my article, take a look around it's an amazing site, even if you aren't pregnant.

Without further ado, click the title to head there...

When Your Perfect Birth Plan Doesn't Go as Expected

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