Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Surviving Summer Vacation- Month 1

My kids have been on summer vacation for a little over a month now, and it's been a doozie. If y'all can remember here, I stated that I was looking forward to my kids being home for the summer. While I don't recant my previous statement, I will share with y'all the highlights of the last month of my life so that you can form your own opinion about the state of my sanity right now.

~The Girl has been playing pranks. If you are new here, you can see the pictures here. They are funny, yes. They are amazingly intelligent and take planning and forethought, yes. But do we live in a state of "Crap, is there really going to be ice cream when we open up this container?" (Sigh) Yes.

Yes, that's a Kermit tattoo... and a very long story...
~First trip to the pool, I got burned. We're not talking sunburned, like, put-some-aloe-on-it sunburned. We're talking, in-the-doctor's-office-5-days-later-with-possible-skin-infection sunburned. Thank goodness there was no infection, but I did have some hella sun poisoning, may have a scar forever, and my doc has now put me under skin cancer watch. All from a freaking sunburn. Only my pale ass, right? On the bright side, he gave me some amazing pain relievers for my discomfort... like, narcotic strength pain relievers. They make me not give a rat's ass about my sunburn. And for those worriers out there, yes, I used sunscreen, yes, I reapplied sunscreen half way through our outing, and yes, it's still red, 2 weeks later. And itches. Like a mofo.

~After a "Scream" movie marathon, whenever we tell The Ginger to call The Girl on her phone to tell her to come home for dinner, he always starts out with, "What's your favorite scary movie?" in a raspy voice, as soon as she says, "Hello?"

~The Ginger once played video games for 8 hours straight. I'm not proud of this, as a mother, believe me. It
was the day I was finishing up my book, and the kid woke up at 6 am. He asked if he could go play video games, and I said that was fine. He came down when I called for breakfast, and for lunch, but when I got done cleaning up after lunch and went to take a shower for the day, I realized he had been playing for the last 8 hours. I know, stellar parenting that day.

~To counteract the pranks, Hubby has taken to scaring the crap out of The Girl. Every night he and I head to bed early to watch "Arrested Development", so The Girl heads downstairs to catch up on her shows on Hulu or Netflix. She lays on the couch, with the lights off, and as she doesn't pay attention to things going on around her, it was quite easy for Hubby to sneak downstairs, get behind the couch, and jump out, screaming. I think a part of her died that first night, from what I heard of her reaction all the way upstairs in my bedroom. For whatever reason, the child still has not learned to turn the lights on when she goes downstairs at night, so I'm sure this will continue until she gets it.

~Neither one of my kids have had any lessons outside of Tatted Mom's School of Life. The Girl was supposed to take violin lessons this summer, but first she had to practice for at least 15 minutes a day for one week straight, to show us that she really wants to play. She has yet to do that. I got the information of a guy that I'm hoping will give The Ginger drawing lessons, but I haven't contacted him yet. So, I'm sure my kids are falling victim to The Summer Slide. And before y'all go all "Wait, she's an artist, why is she contacting someone to give her kid drawing lessons?" on me, Hubby got The Ginger interested in comic books, so he's been trying to draw his own comics lately. I know nothing about comic book drawing. If The Ginger wants to glue things to canvas do mixed media art or draw voodoo dolls, I can help with that (the links right there take you to some of my actual art).

~Our house was shot at. With a high-powered rifle. Yep. And we live on a military base, where crap like that shouldn't happen. Details on that *fun* incident are here.
Actual screenshot I took
this morning. Look! A stay of
execution for us. It'll only
be 101 this week... Sheesh.

~Monsoon season has officially begun here in the great state of Arizona. While I absolutely love thunderstorms, and have missed them terribly, monsoon season sucks. It barely cools the temperature, so instead of having 110 degree heat, we now have 110 degree humid heat. And, the thunderstorms last for all of 10 minutes. So, for 10 minutes I'm in heaven. Then I open the back door and have the breath sucked from my lungs.

~The Girl's best friend went to Alaska for a month, came home for a week, and is now in Nebraska for 2 weeks. When she returns, she starts school (she's going to a year-round school, which starts back up in like 2 weeks). The Ginger's best friend can't come to our house. Not sure why that is, but The Ginger has to go to his house to play, which is about a 15 minute walk from here, in the 110 degree heat. The friend of his that is allowed to come to our house is a little butthead, so he and The Ginger are always getting into fights. All of this adds up to my kids barely leaving the house during the day. Most days I'm okay with this. We'll have a movie marathon, do crafts, bake, or go shopping (as the pool is currently out, see above). Some days I want to banish them from the house, and I do, for only about 30 minutes, as it's 110 degrees outside.

All in all, things aren't going too terribly bad this summer. I'm suffering from major Mom Guilt because my kids haven't done anything so far, but we have family coming in on Saturday, so next week is full of trips to the Grand Canyon and Sedona. I'm looking forward to that. It's actually our first family vacation... ever. Yep, you read that right. We've never stayed a week at the beach, or gone sightseeing anywhere. Whenever Hubby has had leave, we usually go home for that time, but I don't really count that as a "vacation". 3 years ago we drove cross country to this duty station, but we drove; didn't see any attractions, didn't have fun; we just drove, so I don't count that, either. We've done day trips or weekend trips, but nothing big.

First family vacation in 12 years. Good grief, this should be interesting...

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  1. I so love being given a glimpse into your family! And don't feel guilty about 'not having done anything'. I'd say watching movies together and doing crafts, etc. together is pretty close to doing SOMETHING! :)

    1. Thank you! I didn't realize until I read that article that I linked to for "Summer Slide" that stuff the kids and I have been doing helps prevent the Summer Slide, lol.

  2. My girls have only been on summer vacation for a week. Already I am ready for them to go back to school. Did you know that if you don't sign up for summer camp in Feb you probably are not going to be able to send your daughter in Aug? Yup, mom of the year!!!

    1. Wow. That's like sports here. Because of the heat, most of the sports leagues are indoors, but sign up for them is back in February or March. NOW my kids tell me they want to play softball/soccer/whatever. Yeah, oops, lol.

    2. Yuppers its 110 degrees here in California too. the only time I let my kids outside is to walk from the house to the car. And im paying cash for them to go to daycare when im not even working hecause the preschool has better ac that i do. yeah, summer lovin', not so much.