Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just a Few Spots Left!

I want to extend a HUGE thanks to everyone who has submitted stories and tips for my upcoming book. I have gotten some great additions, and only have a few specific topics left that need your help!

~ Baby sleeping/ Lack of sleep for mom and dad
~ Toddler temper tantrums
~ Picky eaters
~ ADHD/ medicating children/ natural ways to help kids with their mood swings
~ Catching a child in a lie
~ Tween/teen peer pressure

If you have a funny (and positive) story or tip that has worked for you in one of these subject areas, then have it included in my upcoming book! Email me your submission at, and if I choose to include your submission in my book, you will get a FREE COPY of my book as a THANK YOU!!

I'm asking that all submissions are in by July 31st, and be sure to include how you would like to be credited. If you are a mom blogger, include the URL of your blog!

Keep in mind that my book is not an anthology. It is a nonfiction book on parenting outside of the box, but includes short, funny stories and tips from moms. People submitting stories and tips will not be credited as an author, but your story or tip will be credited to you inside the book.

Now comes the legal stuff. By commenting below or submitting a story via email to me, you are waiving your rights to this story, and are giving me permission to make necessary edits to the story and reprint it in my upcoming book. Not all submissions will be included in the book, but the submissions that are included were volunteered, and no monetary compensation was given, or will be given, for the submission, even after the book has been printed and is selling. If you would like to remain anonymous, then please include a nickname with your submission, otherwise your submission will be credited with just your first name in the book. I promise to not reprint any email addresses or full identities of people sending stories. I do ask that your story is original and has never been submitted to a printed book before (previous blog posts from your personal site are fine). A free copy of my book, once published, will be offered to anyone who submits a story that I include in the book.

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