Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Right around The Girl's birthday a few months ago, Hubby decided to buy her a phone. I was against this decision, but as she was accepted to a prestigious middle school program in a school that was off base for this upcoming school year, he felt she needed the phone for emergencies, and as a reward for getting into this program.

And apparently for texting me, from downstairs, at 11:30 at night, when I'm trying to relax in my bed upstairs and read before I drift off to sleep. So, I showed her what texting me at this hour, when I'm delirious from my body trying to get to sleep, truly entailed.

Man, this was fun.

For a little background, Skelly is The Girl's cat. It's Bones' daughter, but suffered some oxygen deprivation to her brain from being born 2 days after her siblings, so Skelly is... special (it has been confirmed by 2 veterinarians . She can't meow (it sounds like a dying set of bagpipes), and she spends a lot of time staring at the wall. But, Skelly has always loved The Girl; she sleeps with her every night, stands at the door and waits for her when she goes outside, and The Girl is the only person who can pick Skelly up and carry her around. It's actually quite adorable.

And, for a little more background, The Ginger lost our set of keys to the mailbox yesterday, so we spent the better part of the day looking for them. I finally came to the conclusion that fairies stole them. Seriously, what other logical explanation is there?

There are 4 screenshots total (so make sure you hit "Continue Tatted Mom's craziness here" under the last one to see the rest) before Hubby came home from work and sleepy time took over for me. The Girl is in yellow; I'm in blue.

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  1. Utterly awesome. You are lucky she has a good sense of humor. And that she doesn't stab you with a fork at mealtime.

    1. Wow, good point. I will make her and The Ginger switch places at the dinner table, lol. ;)

  2. I really thought you were going to be make her really regret texting you. Too funny about Skelly.

  3. Lol!! That is totally awesome! I would so do the same to my tween except since she is currently grounded that's just not possible

    Kimbra @ Mommys Rambles

  4. Bwahahahahaha! LOVE IT! And I think you could get real money for a cat who can see fairies . . .