Friday, June 21, 2013

Tea Time!

Y'all know I lived in England for 3 years, and terribly miss my time there. So, when the people of Davidson's Organic and Nature's Bakery contacted me about hosting a tea party, and having their tea and fig bars as the refreshments, I was happy to do so, as I hadn't truly had a tea event since my time in England! We even dressed up for the event (pictures below)!

We were sent a nice variety of fig bars from Nature's Bakery, and Davidson's Organics sent a box of the Rooibos Spiced Chai tea, which I was very excited to try. I love herbal teas, and the fact that Davidson's are organic, just made it even better!

The kids loved the fig bars from Nature's Bakery, and I was pleasantly shocked to find that they were full of
flavor. Why pleasantly shocked? Y'all know how it can go with all-natural foods with some companies; you end up eating something that you are sure was cardboard with some sugar cane juice squeezed on top. The fig bars from Nature's Bakery were nothing like that. They were sweet, full of flavor, and fulfilling. We had a few bars left over after the tea party, and I ate them as my breakfasts for a few days. I couldn't decide whether the Blueberry or the Vanilla Raspberry was my favorite.

The Rooibos Spiced Tea from Davidson's Organics had a wonderful aroma as I steeped the tea bags. It, too, was full of flavor. I drank that for breakfast for a the next few mornings, along with my fig bars. It's caffeine free, so even the kids enjoyed a cup!
Me, as a Fairy Princess
The Girl, a little Diva
The Ginger, a jokester
Kitteh "must-ache" you a question.

We had a great time! A huge thanks to the people of Davidson's Organics and Nature's Bakery, for introducing us to their products. They really were amazing! I definitely recommend them to my readers!

I was sent the tea and fig bars, for free, to review, but I was not otherwise monetarily compensated for a favorable review. Y'all should know by now that no one can buy a good review from me. The opinions expressed in this article are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Haha! Love Kitteh's mustache. :) I'm glad you all had fun!