Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Moms, Now It's Your Chance to Be Heard!!

I'm calling all moms, dads, and parental figures, now is your time to be heard! If you are an existing reader, you should know by now that I've been hard-at-work on my first book. I am almost finished writing it, but need your help!

My book is a non-fiction book on parenting. It's not one of those dry, cookie cutter, 'do this or your kid will be scarred forever' boring books; it incorporates some out-of-the-box parenting advice, humorous stories about motherhood and more, all in a positive manner.

So here's where you come in! I would love to have some random sayings, stories and tips thrown here and there throughout the book, and I would LOVE it if they came from my readers!

What I'm Looking For (Specifics):

  • Worst parenting advice you ever received
  • Best parenting advice you ever received
  • A funny story (keep it short, please) about any of the following topics:
    ~A child's sleeping, eating or playing habits
    ~Potty training
    ~A lie your kid told
    ~A time your child cussed
    ~Kids and chores
    ~Winning some sort of battle with your kids (argument, a battle over eating, clothing, music, movies, etc.)
  • Random tips that have worked for you when it comes to parenting
  • Best advice you could give a new mom (from personal experience)
If there's anything else you can think of, or if you have a story that doesn't fit into a category above, email me with it anyway and I'll take a look. You can either leave a comment below this post or email me at, with a subject of something along the lines of 'Book story' or 'Hey, my kid did the craziest thing once...'. Let me know how you would like your submission credited, too, whether it's your full name or a nickname! If I choose your story to be included, I will send you a free copy of my book as a thank you!

Now comes the legal mumbo jumbo. By commenting below or submitting a story via email to me, you are waiving your rights to this story, and are giving me permission to make necessary edits to the story and reprint it in my upcoming book. Not all submissions will be included in the book, but the submissions that are included were volunteered, and no monetary compensation was given, or will be given, for the submission, even after the book has been printed and is selling. If you would like to remain anonymous, then please include a nickname with your submission, otherwise your submission will be credited with just your first name in the book. I promise to not reprint any email addresses or full identities of people sending stories. I do ask that your story is original and has never been submitted to a printed book before.

A huge thanks to everyone who encouraged me to write this book, and I hope to get some really great submissions! 

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  1. I will for sure be sending you an email later this evening... I so can not wait to read your book,and I would love the opportunity to be a small part of something I know will be a huge success : )

  2. I heard my 3 year old's urgent call for toilet paper coming from OUTSIDE. Grabbed some wipes and ran to the patio to discover that he had gone-the-deed right there on the concrete. I'm counting it as a win since he took his pants off first.
    Jessica Cobb

    Looking forward to seeing other stories and can't wait to check out your book!

  3. There are a lot of misadventures to choose from....kind of scary! Good luck with your book

  4. Best advice: We were in a Chinese restaurant with our first child, a girl, who was being really fussy. The waitress pulled a chair up and held her hand gently on the baby's chest, and she immediately hushed.

    The baby was strapped in a carseat carrier, and the feeling of something against her chest calmed her. We used this endlessly to calm this baby, and the two who followed.

    Good luck on the book!

  5. Best advice: Kids have a lifetime to be on a schedule. Just let them be themselves on their own schedule, while they can.

    I took this one to heart. :)
    Good luck on your book and thanks for letting us all be a part of it!