Monday, June 24, 2013

Hott Hollywood Role Model Ladies

Thanks to that amazing Friends episode over 15 years ago (good grief, that long ago?), we all have The List. Not a to-do list, or a grocery list, but a list of 5 (or 10 or however many you and your significant other agree upon) celebrities that, if given the chance, you are allowed to sleep with, as a "freebie". Yep, that list.

My list has changed so many times over the years that there is no way I could laminate mine like Ross did. One constant has always been Ryan Gosling. Seriously, that guy's eyes could melt right through... (sigh) I digress. Other top contenders have been Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Depp, Adam Levine, and Channing Tatum- you know, the "regular" Hollywood Hotties. I noticed a slight shift in my list when I recently added Jason Bateman to it. Adorable, yes, but his personality is what caused him to make the list. That man just seems down to earth and someone I'd love to... hang out with. Yeah, that. Robert Downey Jr, too. Amazing... um... personality. (Sigh)

I've always had a second list (which my husband loves), and that's my Chick Crush list. These ladies don't get grouped onto the list with the men, but if I were ever given the chance... good grief. Now, for the record, I will state that Katy Perry would be very disappointed to know that I've never even kissed a girl, so while I'm not rolling around in lesbian tendencies over here, I highly respect these women and, let's face it, they are hot as hell. Alyssa Milano, Eliza Dushku and Carla Gugino have always been on my list, for as far back as I can remember. After watching The House at the End of the Street, Elisabeth Shue made it onto my list, and after Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Famke Janssen made the list. And while I'm a HUGE fan of Charmed (the ONLY TV series I own every season of AND have watched it from beginning to end... twice), it wasn't until Pretty Little Liars that Holly Marie Combs made my list.

Yes, I understand that's 6 on my "other" list right now. If I had to remove someone, to make it an acceptable list of 5 female celebrities, it would be Eliza Dushku, because she hasn't been around much lately. Anyway...

I started to really look at my list of ladies, wondering why I had only 3 on the list for years, and now I've added 3 more, 1 of which (Holly Marie Combs) was on a TV show alongside my #1 (Alyssa Milano), and I never included her before. Elisabeth Shue is the star of one of my favorite movies growing up, Adventures in Babysitting, but she's never made the list until now, and while Famke Janssen was hot in The Faculty, I watched that movie for Josh Hartnett (and Elijah Wood's beautiful baby blues), not for her. So, why now? What makes things different now than even a few years ago?

These women have aged beautifully.

I looked back at pictures of Holly Marie Combs, Elisabeth Shue and Famke Janssen, and while they have always been beautiful ladies, it's just been in the last few years that, to me, they've become hott (with 2 T's, yes). The late 30s and 40s have been amazing for these ladies. So much so, in my opinion, that they made my Chick Crush list- not their 20-something selves, their now selves.

I must give special recognition to Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs in this post, too. While in Charmed
they were sexy evil fighters who paraded around in some episodes in next to nothing (well, maybe not Holly's character, Piper, who was always the "mom" type), both ladies play moms now (or, trying to become a mom, for Alyssa Milano on Mistresses), and they are absolutely stunning. They aren't the pre-baby thin they used to be, and I think that's awesome. They look like real people, real moms, who spend more time with their families than in a gym, and that makes them even more hott, in my opinion. While I don't think she has had kids (according to research I've done), Carla Gugino gets special props like this, too. These ladies have decided (whether by choice, or just acceptance) to let nature take its course, and not force themselves to remain a size 0 for Hollywood. I'm sure they do spend time in a gym, but, to me, they look more amazing now than they did as tiny 20-somethings.

Honestly, it gives me hope, and something to look forward to. We mothers of little girls spend so much time concentrating on setting a good example for our daughters, or trying to shield them from the unrealistic body image messages that society shoots toward them everyday, that we hardly ever look around at what messages we are absorbing. Tori Spelling was just recently on the cover of US Weekly, in a bikini, with her 18 kids (okay, it's only 4, but they're all still in diapers, or close to it), talking about how she plateaued at somewhere around 130 pounds and was going to "accept" that, but then pushed harder in the gym to get down to 115 pounds, at the age of 39.

I would give my right leg to be 130 pounds again, and that's probably what it would have to be- the weight of my right leg, chopped off. Good grief, Tori Spelling would probably kill herself if she were me. Her body looks amazing, and she gets mad props for her motivation and hard work, but I'm sorry to say I don't view her as a realistic role model for aging moms and women of today.

But that's what we moms face, if we look toward Hollywood moms for our answers. Hours in a gym, no carbs whatsoever, and possibly plastic surgery (seriously, take a good look at Spelling's puffy face in that link above) as we get older. That's not the message I want to send my daughter, so what do I do? Who do I have as a role model?

Ladies like Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, and Carla Gugino. You can tell that Famke Janssen and Elisabeth Shue spend some time in the gym, but even they have decided to age gracefully instead of puffy-faced (like Spelling). These ladies have embraced their age, their bodies, and whether or not they know it, have set amazing examples for us regular, aging moms and women. Famke Janssen has publicly stated that she will not have plastic surgery to halt the aging process, and while it's been speculated that some of the other women I've mentioned in this post have had things like botox or fillers to help with thinning out their wrinkles, nothing has been confirmed, and in my opinion, it probably hasn't happened. These women look like they are in their late 30s or 40s, but in a hott way that I hope I look when I get there.

So, to each of them, a huge thank you. Not only are you a positive role model for me, helping me be a positive role model for my daughter, but you make this world a little more beautiful... well, hott, actually.

With 2 T's.

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  1. I love your girl crushes. I always wanted to be Alyssa Milano when I was young. The fact that she became more beautiful as she ages could make me hate her. Except her smile seems so genuine!