Saturday, May 25, 2013

Guy Stuff That I Wouldn't Know About

Hubby, The Ginger and I were on our way home from taking Ariya to get her rabies shot, and the subject of
when I was a tattoo apprentice somehow came up.

The Ginger: Mom, what's an apprentice?

Me: It's a person who is learning a job or career from someone else. Like, I was learning how to tattoo from Mike, so I was his apprentice.

The Ginger: Oh, okay. Like Starkiller is Darth Vader's apprentice?

Me: ...........................

Hubby: Yep, just like that.

The Ginger: Yeah, Mom, that's guy stuff. You wouldn't know about that.

Touche, Ginger, touche.

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  1. Didn't know you were a girlie girl, huh? ;) I do, however, know about Starkiller. So maybe there's still hope for me.
    p.s. thanks for stopping by my site. i'm now stalking you everywhere. i love that header. is it your design?

    1. Thanks! I like being stalked. ;)
      The header is my design, yes. I drew the cookie mom one day when I was bored at my last job lol. Boredom pays off sometimes.

  2. The other day, I got, "Gramma, Gramma, Gramma, you'll never understand!" from my five-year-old Grandson!

    1. I LOVE when kids do that. Like we've never been there before, lol.