Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Easy, Cheap and Healthier Alternatives to Sodas for Your Kids (and Energy Drinks for You!)

With summer coming up, I can just hear my kids now... "Mom, can we just get some soda at the grocery store, PLEASE?" I'm not a big fan of soda. The sugar content is astronomical and the caffeine has my kids bouncing off the walls for hours.

So, imagine my surprise when I got this little tip on one of my shopping apps today. I'm seriously hoping I'm not the only one who smacked myself in the forehead and said, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Enter the players: Seltzer water and those little drink enhancers that are all the rage right now. My kids and I love those things, but we've always used them in regular water. Not anymore...

Don't smack yourself too hard. It hurts. I speak from experience.

In my opinion, there are so many amazing things about combining seltzer water with these drink enhancers:

  1. It's cheap. A 2 liter bottle of seltzer water is $1 and each of those drink enhancers are $3 or below, but last for dozens of uses. With most sodas being $1.50 a 2 liter now (or more), and in my house sodas don't last long, it can get expensive in the long run.
  2. Everyone gets to have their favorite flavor without buying 10 different soda bottles. If you feel like orange soda for one cup, go for it. Next cup could be fruit punch soda. And with the Crystal Light squeezers, I get to have a Pomtini flavored soda. Yum!
  3. No sugar. No caffeine. I understand the alternative to sugar is sugar-free chemicals, but these liquid enhancers contain traces of it compared to diet sodas. That's why I believe this alternative is way healthier than having my kids drink sodas, even diet caffeine-free sodas, during the day.
And guess what? If you happen to have some Mio Energy in the pantry, you have yourself a sugar free energy soda available.

Energy drinks are upwards of $3 per can nowadays, and with the amount of sugar you are consuming, you might as well just shove a sprinkle covered frosted caffeine donut down your throat. I like energy, not a big booty, thank you. And the sugar free energy drinks taste funny. You know I'm right about that.

So, there you go. Seriously wish I had learned about this sooner. And, if this seems like an amazing idea for you, the Ibotta shopping phone app is actually paying people right now to buy the Mio, Crystal Light and Kool-Aid liquid drink enhancers, so I made sure to stock up today (no idea when those deals will end). You'll get $2 for signing up if you use my link right up there, and they always have new offers that pay you cash for items you buy at the grocery store!

While I understand this turned into what sounds like a product-placement ad, it's not. This post is my own opinion and is not sponsored by anyone.

Now, if one of the companies pictured above would like to send me some of their products for free because I plugged their stuff for free, then I wouldn't turn the stuff down. Y'all know I love my freebies. ;)

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  1. Huh. Serious head smack here, too! Thank you for the great idea!

  2. Hmmph! You learn something new everyday. That is actually a great alternative. My son isn't at that age yet but I will do that instead of soda! Thanks for the tip! :)

  3. You could also purchase a soda stream and carbonate your own water in reusable bottles - if you want to save a little more.