Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A (Lone) Mom's Flip Side to Summer Vacation

Tomorrow marks the kids' last day of school. Yep, they are out for the summer and it's just the end of May
(they'll start back up again on like August 2nd or something crazy like that). At this point I should be panicking, locking myself in the closet with a bottle of wine and cheesecake, and figuring out what the quickest route to some xanax would be, right? I mean, that's what all of the other blogs out there are saying about the fast-approaching summer vacation, right?

Y'all mark your calendars now, because I'm sure in about a week's time, I'll be eating these next words...

I'm actually looking forward to my kids' summer vacation. 

Yep, you read that right... looking forward to it. Why? Have I lost my mind? Do I need to be committed? I just told the entire world I was looking forward to summer break; to days filled with loud voices and constant bickering; to never having a moment alone for the next 2 1/2 months; to always being on Mom Duty. But I really am, because...

I like my kids. There, I said it. In the sea of mom bloggers who are gearing up to bitch and moan about summer break and how much their kids will drive them crazy, I stand here, probably alone, saying that I'm okay with all of that because I genuinely like my kids.

Now, we're not talking love here. Of course I love my kids. I will always love my kids. That's what a mother does. But we don't always have to like our kids. Kids push buttons and annoy the hell out of you. They are whiny and disrespectful at times. None of these qualities have us liking our children every second of every day. Love- yes. Like- not necessarily.

But, overall, I really do like my kids. They have amazing personalities, I can have actual conversations with
them (regardless of the fact that with The Ginger it's a conversation of who would win in a battle between Link from the Legend of Zelda and Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and with The Girl it's whether or not the shorts on the neighbor across the street are a little too short for her booty), and they enjoy doing nothing with me. We can sit around and be lazy, watch 80s movies and eat pizza rolls, and they are perfectly content with that.

Let's make a small note here real quick. I'm not saying that my kids never get on my last nerve or that they always agree with me on how to spend our days. My kids are no angels, but then again, no kids are. Any mother who tells you that her children are perfect is seriously in denial or on some hella happy pills and pretty much out of touch with reality. But, I refuse to jump on the whole my kids are the spawns of Satan and summer break is coming, so I'm checking myself out mentally for the next 3 months because it will be hell on earth bandwagon that seems to be the style nowadays with mom bloggers. I just won't do it.

I will, however, embrace the time with my kids this summer. Their summer break last year was only 5 weeks
long because we moved to Arizona and the school schedules were so jacked up. I felt so bad that they didn't get a full summer break last year, that this year I'm making up for it. We're actually taking a family vacation to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, I'm working on squeezing in a trip to a Lego Convention in Phoenix, and I'm planning craft days, 80s movie days, a tea party with some friends (sounds strange, yes, but it's for a post for Inklings), days out exploring Tucson, and just plain ol' lazy days. My kids will also have an in-home summer reading program, and I'm thinking of incorporating some actual art lessons in with our craft days.

Most importantly, I get to spend time with my kids. I've been so busy with trying to finish my book to get it ready for editing, and stocking the Etsy store, and writing blog posts, that I forget to breathe some days. While I still have deadlines, a more relaxed tone around here is definitely going to be appreciated.

And now, there will be people around to talk to and carry on conversations with during the day. Don't get me wrong, I've gotten used to the puppy tilting her head to the side when I try and converse with her, but having her come up and lick my face when I ask what I should fix for dinner that night just isn't as satisfying as having someone yell out 'Spaghetti'  when I ask. Thank goodness for two-sided conversations. All of you stay-at-home moms know exactly what I'm talking about...

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  1. I like this post a lot. I'm getting a little tired of the "my kids suck" posts. I know they are supposed to be funny, and they are, but yeah - it's nice to hear someone say she likes her kids!

    I once read something that said that happiness is not the same as being happy every second of every day. I think that applies here.

    Hope you have a good summer.

  2. I think we should start an 'I Like My Kids' club! My kids are, together with my husby, my best friends. My best times are those spent with them! thank you for this wonderful, positive post. And . . . Welcome to the Club!

  3. I'm with you on the like my kids philosophy. Although sometimes I wish I was a little better at it!

  4. Hi, I 100% agree. I have 2 little bundles of energy, boys aged 3 and 4. And I love summer vacation! They are around me the whole time, and we all like it. There is always something going on with kids around, it's never boring.

    I don't get why there seems to be, like you said, a great sea of mom-bloggers complaining or dreading the summer vacation days.

    I suppose if I were a working mom I would have to worry about arranging summer childcare, but as a stay-at-home mom, it's me and the kids the whole time (plus occasional playdates with other kids and their moms) and I love it!

    Sometimes people act like it's almost a crime to enjoy being around your own kids! They ask what camp(s) you are putting your kids in, and when they find you are not, they think it's weird!