Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why are Kids So Rude Nowadays? Why? What? Why?

Every mom, at one point or another in motherhood (or 2,346 points), feels that they sound like a broken record. "Clean your room", "Do the dishes", "Don't leave your socks and shoes in the middle of the floor." 

Didn't I just write about rude little kids about a month ago? Kids with no upbringing? Attitudes coming out of their bums? Good grief, I'm sounding like a broken record here, but I have new information to voice my opinion on.

Yesterday the kids and I had to run some errands when they got home from school. We hadn't even left the
neighborhood before The Girl's cell phone rang. All I could hear was her side of the conversation, that went a little something like this:

"Yeah, I can't right now because I'm out with my mom, but when we get back, I can go outside."
(Talking on other end, which will be represented by ... for the rest of the conversation.)
"Well, we have to go to the post office and then to the grocery store, so I don't know."
"My mom has to mail some things out."
"She has like this online store and she had some orders."
"I don't know, a picture thing and some gemstones."
"Well, she has to mail them out to the people who bought them. Look, when I get home I'll come
over, okay?"
"The grocery store."
"Ummm... milk, and some other stuff my mom needed."
"I don't know, just stuff. I have to go now. I'll let you know when I'm home."

And thank goodness, The Girl just hung up on her. I don't advocate my kids being rude to people, but in this case, it was warranted and made me proud. As bad as it sounds, I was happy she was annoyed, too.

Me: What the hell?
The Girl: My friend, J.
Me: Yeah, I gathered that. What was she saying?
The Girl: She wanted to know exactly what we were doing and why.
Me: How is that any of her business? 
The Girl: It's not, but she kept asking.
Me:You didn't owe her any explanation, honey. A simple "I'm out with my mom, I'll come over when I get back" is all you need.
The Girl: I know, but that's just how she is.
Me: What do you mean?
The Girl: She always has to know everything. I've tried not giving her details before, and it doesn't work. She just gets more annoying and keeps asking over and over until you tell her.
Me: Is she playing around when she does this, like, trying to get on your nerves?
The Girl: Nope. It's just how she is.
Me: Well, for future reference, it's none of her business what we are mailing at the post office or what is on my grocery list. That's extremely rude on her part, and I'm not a fan of hers right now.
The Girl: I know. She was making me mad, too. That's why I hung up on her.

Yes, this is one of the girls we had a problem with at the sleepover a month ago (the post linked above). I used to like this little girl. Now she's just a pain in my ass. She has the worst attitude ever, and whenever The Girl hangs out with her, she comes home with this attitude. It's like this child thinks she's entitled to everything around her. And at the age of 3, asking 'Why' to everything around you is normal. At 11 and to the extent that this child does it, it's a lack of being raised correctly. Plain and simple.

At this moment, I'm at a loss as to what to do, if anything. The Girl is 11. The best friend she had 6 months ago is not the best friend she has right now (this J girl), and there's no guarantee J will be around 6 months from now. I'm not one to tell my kid she can't be friends with someone if that person hasn't hurt her in some way, and I can't be that bitch of a mom that forbids her to hang out with someone because they annoy the crap out of me. But good grief, the rudeness is getting on my last nerve. I will let J know the next time she starts on this 'What and Why' crap that it's none of her business and it's rude of her to ask, but I think, at this moment, that's going to be the extent of it.

I still just don't understand what happened to simple upbringing of children? Creating kids who respect people and boundaries? Is that all gone now?

Why? What? Why? I can handle that crap with my own kids, but not other people's kids, sorry.

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  1. Oh girl! I am SO with you on this!

  2. I am that bitch of a mom, when friends start influencing how my child acts. But then my kids three, so I can more easily control who he spends time with.