Sunday, April 28, 2013

We Are This [__] Close...

This post is going to be short and sweet. I've made the announcement a few times over on Inklings' facebook page, but realized I failed to do an actual post for those who get things delivered to their inboxes.

Inklings was nominated by the people over at VoiceBoks as a Top Mom Blog of 2013. We were one of the first 10 websites nominated (a HUGE thanks to them for the nomination), then open nominations were allowed, and now there are 50 blogs total up for the top spots. The top 10 blogs get some hella nice publicity through VoiceBoks and the title of Top Mom Blog of 2013. And guess what...

Inklings is like this [__] close to being in the top 10. This list is made up of lesser-known blogs that don't usually make the big mainstream top mom blog lists, so I'm honored that we were even nominated, much less have a chance to be in the top 10. PLUS, what I think is the coolest thing ever, this list is for content-driven blogs- NOT giveaway blogs, NOT "Here's a picture of my kid eating spaghetti, isn't he cute?" mom blogs, and it's NOT one of those 'nominate your own blog and cross your fingers' type things- They nominated ME!! These mom blogs don't really fit into a category but have actual written articles, provide useful information for the blogosphere, and are cool. =)

So, let's get Inklings in the top 10, PLEASE!! All you have to do is click the picture right up there (or right here), and you'll be sent to VoiceBoks' website where you'll see my banner. Click the facebook 'like' button above the banner and you are done! This pop up should come up, too, asking if you want to share your vote with your facebook friends, so it'd be nice if you pimped me out to them, also.

The thing is, VOTING ENDS IN 2 DAYS!!!! So PLEASE head there now (if you haven't already- it's a vote once type of thing), vote, pimp me out to your friends, and let's make Inklings a Top Mom Blog of 2013!!!

Thanks to everyone who has voted and pimped me out!!

(If you are an overachiever, you can click the banner right down below this, too. That casts a vote for Inklings on the on-going Top Mommy Blogs site, where Inklings used to be in the Top 10, but has fallen to somewhere in the 30s because I don't beat remind y'all anymore. So, click that one, too, if you'd like!)

If you enjoy Inklings, please take a second to just click the banner below. Each click = 1 vote, and you can vote once per 24 hours. I do happy dances when people vote!

Vote for me @ Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

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  1. Hi there... found you through Liza's Bloganizer Alpha. Sounds like a cool list you were nominated for. I appreciate that it's not about giveaways and all that jazz. Going to check out the rest of your site now. :)