Thursday, April 18, 2013

I've Been MIA, But...

... I think it involved aliens. Pretty sure. I blacked out and woke up in a field, naked, and my ass was... nevermind...

Or, just life. Life happens sometimes. The facebook fans know we got a puppy over the weekend. So, I'm back to getting up in the middle of the night because of a whimpering little one. In fact, I've spent the last 3 nights on the couch just to make it easier on myself. Our bundle of joy, Ariyah, has to have constant human contact, and as I don't feel like having her pee in my bed just yet, I just sleep on the couch with her at my feet. Makes bathroom time at 3am easy, as we are 12 feet from the back door. So far she's been great, and I've been functioning on 6 hours of sleep broken into 2-3 hour segments. Fun.

So, I guess now it's "Kids, Cats, Coffee and Tatts... and a Puppy". I'm not even a dog person. I don't know how this happened. I saw her, fell in love with her, and she's now ours. Curls up with me when I want to be lazy, is happy to see me whenever I walk into the room, is my little shadow. And I adore it.

When I'm not smothering my new baby with loving, I've been making things for the Etsy store, hella cleaning (thanks to finding out on my new fitness app that house cleaning, for me, burns almost 200 calories an hour. Now carrying baskets of clothes up and down the stairs and dusting doesn't seem so damn bad), cooking and watching "Breaking Bad". Yep, Hubby got me started on yet another amazing show... bastard.

And through all of this, I have been MIA from the internet. Hell, even my best friend asked me the other day
if I was okay because I hadn't posted anything on facebook in 24 hours. It is rare for me to be gone from the interwebbies completely, and in the blogging community, it can be suicide. People who fall in love with you one day see that you haven't posted in 3 days and think that's normal, when you can ask my regulars- it's not. I'm a 3-5 times a week poster, normally.

But I wanted to let y'all know that I'm not going anywhere, next week everything should be back to normal, and I will be back to blowing up y'alls facebook walls, filling your boxes each night... eh em... sorry, I'll rephrase... my nightly email will arrive in your inbox each night, and being my general zany, chaotic self.

This week, I needed to take a break, though. Spend time with my family, my puppy, and rejuvenate...
aka... watch "Pretty Little Liars" with The Girl, "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" with The Ginger, "Charmed" with the puppy (at night, before we go to sleep) and "Breaking Bad" with Hubby.

Next week I'll write a post about how to unplug the family and not rely on the TV so much... Sheesh.

In the meantime, voting is almost over for the Top Mom Blogs of 2013 contest over at Voiceboks. We were in the top 10, now we aren't. So, if you haven't voted, please do so by clicking the link and then hitting the facebook 'like' button above my banner on their page. Voting ends on the 30th, so let's see if we can't get Inklings back up in the top 10 by pulling something out of our asses...

... much like the aliens did to me...

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  1. Glad to see a post from you. I recently got a Libster award and sited you as my blogging inspiration. :) You can check it out on my page.

  2. I've been MIA too but thats because we had pinkeye up in here. I'd rather have a puppy. Good to see you back!

  3. I was MIA for awhile myself not sure what prompted the need to be away from the computer but it was there. The new puppy is cute and I am glad that you are back!