Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

Back in January or early February, I was emailed by a publishing company and asked to review a book entitled "Nurturing the Soul of Your Family" by Renee Trudeau. I read the synopsis, and it definitely sounded like it was right up my alley, so I agreed.

When I received the book at the beginning of March, I had completely forgotten I had agreed to review it. As I flipped through the pages about unplugging your family and enjoying each other's company, renewing yourself spiritually and finding time to do absolutely nothing (which is healthier than running yourself ragged like most people in today's society), I knew that this book had come into my life at the exact right moment.

Hubby and I have been majorly struggling lately with getting our family to act as a family. The Girl only wants to be with her friends, and while we give her her freedom, it's starting to take a toll on the rest of us. We all seem to be craving family togetherness (well, not including The Girl, she seems just fine playing with her friends all day), and I was in desperate need to get The Ginger off the video games and Hubby off the TV.

Renee Trudeau's book is absolutely amazing. As I read through it, I could completely relate to how she described families today- spending empty time together, not communicating, always plugged in to some
electronic device, and not actually wanting to spend time with one another. That seemed to be my family lately, for some reason. All of the Family Game Nights and Family Movie Nights in the world haven't been helping lately.

The full title of the book is "Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life", and it couldn't have been named better. Each chapter dives into ways to nurture yourself and your family (and there are 10 chapters in all). There are journaling exercises if you choose to do them, deep breathing exercises, and in every chapter Renee encourages you to take a deep breath and bring to light something you are currently doing in your life that is already accomplishing the goal of the chapter. Her positive writing nature and way with words is inspiring, motivational and leaves you feeling that you can and will pull your family together and enjoy one another's time and presence.

The chapter I think I resonated with most was "Do Less, Experience More" (chapter 8). I'm thankful that my family isn't one of those families who has every minute of every day filled with some sort of practice, lesson, recital or show, but I didn't realize (until reading her book) how guilty I felt because of that. I thought that every American family rushed their children around to various appointments and things to improve them... and we were just lazy parents. When I read Renee's chapter on how having unscheduled weekends and leading a simpler life is actually beneficial to your health, well being and the life of your family, I immediately felt better about how Hubby and I were raising the children. It took reading her chapter for me to realize that, compared to other families with similarly aged children, we are much calmer, healthier and happier... and that's all that truly matters.

This book is definitely one I'm extremely thankful to have gotten to review. And yes, even if you aren't a granola eating tree hugger like I am, this book can still do you and your family justice as well, by helping to:

  • find your center and move through chaos and uncertainty with renewed strength and ease
  • slow down, tap the widsom of your wise self, and know what's best for you and your family
  • release old habits, fears and anxieties as you explore a new way of being
  • access more joy by living in the present moment (the best antidote to stress!)
(from the back cover of "Nurturing the Soul of Your Family"). 

What family couldn't use those things in their lives? I know it's helped my family so far! 

So, Inklingers, I am completely recommending this book to you all- it's a must-read for anyone wanting to reconnect with their family!

The book "Nurturing the Soul of Your Family" was sent to me for free to review, but the opinions in this post are my own, and I was not compensated for this post by anyone. Y'all should know that no one can buy a favorable opinion from me...

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  1. Sounds like an awesome read! I definitely feel like I need to start doing more of the "nurturing the soul" of the mommy/daughter relationship I have with Haylie. It's a struggle since I am still struggling with this thyroid cancer shit, and some days I cant even move or keep my eyes open. I'm gonna continue to adjust my hormone levels until I feel better and stay active so my body can keep up with my daughter. Thanks for sharing, home skillet!