Friday, March 8, 2013

Natural or Supernatural? You Decide!

Y'all know I love all things supernatural (and not just the TV show Supernatural, though I do love some Sam and Dean Winchester- yum!). In my spare time years ago, I used to sit in cemeteries with voice recorders.

Yeah, I'm that girl.

I've had a ton of supernatural experiences from lights turning off at a cemetery for no reason and coming back on once we walked out of the gate (not motion lights, either) to EVPs captured (Electronic Voice Phenomena, or ghosts talking to you), and I'll even admit to the masses that I used to see dead people. Yeah, for a short time of my life, I was Sixth Sensing it. I closed all of that off, though, because it became too much for me.

Probably should have checked for a brain tumor. Hmph.

Anyway, I decided a little while ago that I wanted to try and open that side of me again. Why? Because I'm bored??? I don't know. Because it was cool... creepy as hell and I didn't sleep a lot of nights, but still cool. Let me tell you though, it's not as easy turning it back on as it was turning it off... Dammit.

So yesterday I was walking through my house, taking pictures for my next blog post (well, what I thought was my next blog post, before I took this crazy picture), when I caught a shadow in a picture that I couldn't explain. I immediately took a second picture, and no shadow. Camera malfunction, my finger in the flash path or ghostie... whatever it is, it sent chills up my spine immediately.

I posted the picture last night on The Inklings of Life's facebook page and asked for opinions. Those who
knew me personally said ghost, as they've always seemed to follow me around, and those skeptics out there said it's probably my finger in front of the flash. To be quite honest, while I am a believer in the supernatural, I couldn't say one way or another with 100% accuracy whether this shadow is natural or supernatural. I will, however, explain what happened in more detail here, so you all can form your own opinion.

To first describe the layout of my house, directly behind me in this picture is the front door, which was closed. There are windows beside the door, but because the sunlight coming in from the windows was causing a glare on the picture glass, I had shut all of the blinds in that room. I was alone downstairs, except for a cat or two who weren't to be bothered by my picture taking at that time.

When I first stood at the bottom of my stairs to take this picture, I set my camera to 'full auto' which means if it was too dark, my flash would come on by itself. When I got everything in frame and went to click the button, my camera pretty much said, 'Hell no, I'm not taking this picture,' which is weird for a Canon Rebel. The auto-focus kicked in, and the lens kept moving in and out on its own, as if it was trying to focus on something that kept moving. I was standing still, nothing but a non-moving wall in front of me. Suddenly my flash popped open, and my camera finally took the picture with the shadow in it.

I pulled the camera straight forward about 3 inches from my face to look at the image that popped up on the viewing screen and saw the shadow, immediately freaking me out, but I hit the picture button right then, very quickly, to snap a second picture to see if it was still there. That's the second picture above. No shadow, I never moved my body, my hands were still on the exact same spots on the camera that they were in the first picture, and my camera did not malfunction this time.

It is my personal opinion that I caught some type of shadow figure in that picture. The second picture with no shadow, along with how my camera was trying to autofocus on something moving both suggest this. I'm a believer, though, and while I don't automatically believe everything is supernatural in origin, I feel the evidence here supports that theory.

What do y'all think? Natural? Supernatural? Did my finger slip into the flash's path without me even realizing it? Or should I start walking around taking random pictures of my front room in hopes of catching more?

Where are the Ghost Adventure guys when you need them?

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  1. Having read the entire story, I'm even more convinced your house is haunted! I'm glad it's early in the day...eek!

  2. Supernatural!! We have weird stuff happen in our house all the time, and it usually involves my 3-year old daughter. It would normally freak me out, but it only started happening after my grandmother passed away a year ago. My grandmother was very close to my daughter, and we inherited my grandma's house, so we are pretty sure we know who it is lol. Never anything harmful, usually playful. When things started happening, I did walk around the house taking pictures and having EVP sessions. It is crazy what you can capture! Your photo very well could have a natural explanation, but after reading your detailed account of what happened, I am definitely leaning toward supernatural!