Saturday, March 30, 2013

Messing with the Cats on a Saturday Morning

The saying above: "Kids, Cats, Coffee and Tatts"... that's my life. Sure, it's catchy, it rhymes, but it perfectly explains what the Tatted Mom household is like.

So naturally, when I have funny cat videos, I share them here.

The two videos below (30 seconds each, so not much time out of your day spent watching them, and who doesn't love funny cat videos?) are my actual cats- Kitteh (the main one in the second video and the aggressor in the first video), Bones (white cat and victim in first video) and Skelly (black cat and clueless yet curious in the second video). You'll see my bedroom (complete with my dirty clothes basket and my box of cleaning supplies from our spring cleaning lately), Hubby's feet, hear my voice, and see brief glimpses of The Girl. But mostly you'll see how my cats react to The Girl's new Angry Cats phone app, and how Kitteh likes to kick everyone's asses.

Enjoy! If you know of some other cat lovers, by all means, share this post or the youtube videos themselves.

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