Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Raise Creative Children

Y'all know I'm the artsy type. Tattoo artist, sculptor, painter, paper crafter... you name it and I'll try it (when it comes to art and crafting, that is). My goal is to raise my kids to be just as creative, if not more.

My post today is found over at VoiceBoks. VoiceBoks is a great parenthood site with unique articles and tips that most parenting sites don't even cover. I was quite honored when they asked me to write an article for them.

So, I'll start it off here for you and then you can finish it up over there! Be sure to check the website out, too!

How to Raise Creative Children

When you become a parent, ideas swirl in your head of what you will and won’t do with your children.

I’ll raise strong, independent, motivated kids who think for themselves and are successful. 
I’ll raise free-thinkers who don’t follow the beaten path but forge their own in this world. 
I’ll raise children with amazing manners who are caring, kind and full of heart.

For me, I wanted creative children. I wanted to raise children who thought outside the box, who were problem solvers because they could see things in a way that no one else could. I wanted to raise children who write poems or stories and sketch when they are bored. I wanted to raise children who looked at a cardboard box and thought, “What could I turn that into?”...

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  1. <3 as always! It's helpful as I get to finally bust out some more of my creative waiting for my first baby. Thanks for always being inspiring m'lady!

    1. You are very welcome. Start practicing now, so it will make it easier to continue to do once the baby is born. You can always do what I used to do, too... sketch them while they ate, or slept, or whatever. ;)

  2. Awesome post, M!!!!!!!! I have promised myself that I would always encourage my sons creativity. He is already left handed so he has the "artsy" mind (says his Dr.) It is my job to encourage it. We have art time every Saturday where we put everything else aside and make something. It is the best time I have spent with my child.

    Thanks for this post!