Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Couponing at Target... Yeah, I Rock That

Y'all know I love deals, couponing and getting free ish. So when Sara over at Super Punk Rock Mom Blog told me she was starting a couponing series on her blog and wanted me to do a guest post about how I rock Target, I was super excited. The list of free and nearly free stuff I've gotten at Target is probably a mile long by now, and even today I'm heading in for my Target Shopping Day (all capitals, yes, and if you follow the Inklings facebook page, you'll know it's an exciting day for me). On today's list: Discounted cat litter, makeup and chocolate. Woo hoo!!

Instead of starting it here like I do with posts on other sites, she has an amazing intro, so I'm just going to direct y'all there. Be sure to hit that banner down below the link real quick before you head to Sara's site, please. It'll all open up in new windows, so your path to Sara's awesome blog isn't diverted. ;)

Guest Blogger: Morgan from Inklings Teaches How to Score Major Savings from Target

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  1. I luff you! Thank you for being my guest blogger! We should do it again sometime! Can't wait to see what you score at Target today!

  2. I'm pretty brand loyal so i have a hard time couponing. but maybe when the kids are in school I can dedicate more time to it. You gals are my heroes for doing so well at this!!

  3. We are finally finally getting Target in Canada! Can't wait!