Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Kick Ass Letter from an Unlikely Reader

My demographic isn't a huge shocker- women aged 25-44 with kids...

And Ryan Gosling. I figure if I mention his name in here enough, eventually he'll find me.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email the other day from a teenager in Asia who said she reads my blog and enjoys it. And, the email was entitled:

So I voted for you because I think you're the coolest mom ever...

Aww, shucks, thanks. I opened her email and read it immediately. Hey, I'll admit it- flattery gets you everywhere in the world today.

I emailed her back and asked if I could share her email with my readers (to which she happily agreed). Why? Because I think it's awesome that a teenager in Asia thinks I'm a cool mom. And for evidence to show my kids when they want to tell me I'm not a cool mom. I have proof now, so they can eat it!

A huge thanks to S for emailing me and for her amazing words. She made my day, week, and month with just one email! I did simplify her name to just a letter for world wide web reasons; she did just email me, so I respect that. I'm sure when she wrote the email she didn't think I'd pass it on to the masses. Just goes to show you that you never know what you get with me.

Without further ado, So I voted for you because I think you're the coolest mom ever...

Greetings from halfway around the world. 

I was going to write this email anonymously until I realized there's no such thing as an anonymous email.

So here is some context:

My name is S. I'm  teenager. I live in Asia. & I stumbled upon your blog two months ago and have been reading all from past to present posts. 

To be honest, I have this prejudice against Mommy blogs. They usually have sentimental jargon of their little kids, describing them as occasional beautiful angels who have done no wrong. 

But not yours. No. Your blog has shifted my way of thinking 180 degrees. It made me look at things in a new light. Reading it helped me look at the little things that count, doing what's best for myself, knowing what I want and don't want, sticking my decisions and learning to appreciate my own mom a little bit more.

I can't explain how your blog was able to allow me to feel all this but, hell, it helped me become more motivated to do my chores. I didn't want to be the only 16 year old who didn't know how to do something... like change a tire. (which i learned today)

To your kids The Girl and The Ginger: Cheers to you, you guys are going to become into awesome individuals. :)

Thats all I wanted to say. 


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