Saturday, March 9, 2013

3 Years and My Blog is Finally Cool to My Kids

For going on 3 years now, I've had The Inklings of Life. My kids have always been aware of my blog, know I write it, and live in this constant state of "Crap, I wonder if Mom's going to blog about that" when they screw up.

This morning my kids are were looking over my shoulders as I checked my email, checked for spammy blog comments, and yes, checked my standings at all of the vote sites. The Girl got this confused look on her face...

The Girl: Mom, why is your blog called The Inklings of Life?
Me: Because an inkling is a small idea that pops into the back of your head, so my blog is about these small ideas about life that I have. And, I was a tattoo artist who dealt with tattoo ink all day, so it's a play on words.

About a minute long pause occurred, then suddenly...

The Girl AND The Ginger (at the same time): OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (smiling and shaking their heads 'yes')
The Girl: That makes so much sense now... and is really cool.
The Ginger: Wow. I just thought you named it that because you wanted to name it that. I didn't know it actually meant something.

3 years. 3 years of writing, of my kids being involved in posts, of giving input, and watching my highs when an article gets picked up by a major website, or when a reader emails me about how much I've helped them and I cry tears of humbling joy, and of watching my lows when a post doesn't do what I think it should, or when I fall down on the ranking lists. 3 years, and my kids didn't even know what the title of my blog meant.

I'm wondering now if I should go wake Hubby up and see if he knows.

Good grief. Now my blog is cool to my children. Took 3 years...

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  1. Yeah, my girlfriends daughter just complimented me on my retro home decor. I didn't have the strength to tell her its just old.