Sunday, March 31, 2013

#InklingsPhoto Challenge Daily Subjects for April

We're at it again for the 4th month of the #InklingsPhoto Challenge. Participation is picking up, and this month some of the participants are donating prizes for winners at the end of the month! Pictures of what prizes will be awarded will roll in slowly throughout the month and will be posted on the #InklingsPhoto Challenge facebook group.

You don't have to have participated in the previous 3 months, and you don't have to worry about starting at the beginning if you join mid-month. Just jump in with the daily subject of whatever day you find us! We don't stress if you don't post every single day, and if it's easier for you to upload your weekly pictures at the end of the week, then that's cool, too. 

Pictures have to be your own, taken by you. They can not be copyrighted elsewhere. Take a picture each day of your interpretation of the daily subject and post it to the facebook group and/or to Twitter or Instagram, making sure to hashtag #InklingsPhoto and tagging me in them (@tattedmom81) so I can include them in the running for the prizes at the end of the month!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here or on the facebook group! If you want to donate a prize to be awarded at the end of the month, just email me at!
Thanks to everyone who has kept this going, and as always: Happy shooting, everyone!

#InklingsPhoto Challenge April Subjects

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Survival Badge for Easter Moms

Every mom out there knows that thanks to eggs filled with jellybeans and chocolate and the goodies the Easter Bunny leaves, a sugar rush on Easter is inevitable. So, if you survived the Great Sugar Rush of Easter 2013, display it proudly!! Share this badge with other survivors via Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest!!

I Survived the Great Sugar Rush of Easter 2013

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#InklingsPhoto Challenge, March 25-31

Day 25: Fun
Fun Family Games
One of our cabinets of fun family games.

Day 26: Child
Child's Messy Room
The Ginger's room.

Day 27: Adult

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Messing with the Cats on a Saturday Morning

The saying above: "Kids, Cats, Coffee and Tatts"... that's my life. Sure, it's catchy, it rhymes, but it perfectly explains what the Tatted Mom household is like.

So naturally, when I have funny cat videos, I share them here.

The two videos below (30 seconds each, so not much time out of your day spent watching them, and who doesn't love funny cat videos?) are my actual cats- Kitteh (the main one in the second video and the aggressor in the first video), Bones (white cat and victim in first video) and Skelly (black cat and clueless yet curious in the second video). You'll see my bedroom (complete with my dirty clothes basket and my box of cleaning supplies from our spring cleaning lately), Hubby's feet, hear my voice, and see brief glimpses of The Girl. But mostly you'll see how my cats react to The Girl's new Angry Cats phone app, and how Kitteh likes to kick everyone's asses.

Enjoy! If you know of some other cat lovers, by all means, share this post or the youtube videos themselves.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mystery Auction for a Tween Birthday Party

We had The Girl's 11th birthday party a few weeks ago, and when it comes to the Tween age group,
planning a party can be quite difficult. They are getting to the age of having a boy/girl party, too old for activities like pin the tail on the donkey or a pinata, too young for not having any activities at all planned and just letting everyone hang out for a few hours. So, I scoured the internet for ideas for Tween birthday party activities, and came up with some extremely cheesy ideas. I needed something that entertained easily-bored Tweens without embarrassing The Girl (which is easy at this age).

The Mystery Auction idea was born from my love of the TV reality show Survivor. Any Survivor fans know that after almost a month on the island, Jeff pulls out $500 for each remaining contestant and does a Survivor-style auction for food items and tips to where hidden immunity idols are to be found. Sometimes the players know what they are bidding on, and sometimes the item is kept hidden until the bidding is done, and the person could get surprised with a cheeseburger, fries and milkshake, or they could have spent $500 on a single cracker with cheese on it.

To set up for the Mystery Auction, you'll need to buy fake money and

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life Lessons I Missed Out On

Months ago my family decided to cancel cable. It was too expensive and led to mindless TV watching with no purpose. We are still able to watch our weekly shows thanks to a subscription to Hulu Plus and network television websites that air their shows over the internet. This has led me to being bored at night when Hubby goes to work, looking for shows to keep me occupied. I was first introduced to Weeds, and was able to watch the entire show (which was 8 seasons long, about 20 episodes per season) in a week. Yeah, I was both proud of this accomplishment and ashamed at the same time. Next was Raising Hope, but it took me about 2 weeks to get caught up on that one because the kids watched it with me. After that came Grey's Anatomy, and that took me about a month to get through 170+ 42-minute long episodes. Now it's Shameless. I'm done with seasons 1 and 2 and am getting caught up-to-date on season 3.

If you are familiar with these shows, you'll see that 3 of the 4 shows have something in common- they deal with white trash families. In Weeds, Nancy bounces from upper class to lower class white trash, but let's face it- she's a skank. Raising Hope is about how a white trash teenager knocks up a serial killer and has to raise the kid on his own, with the help of his white trash family. Shameless is about an alcoholic father who is never around so the oldest daughter raises the kids herself, but the children scam and steal their way through life.

Grey's Anatomy was a fluke, I know. That show is just good as hell. And there are hot doctors. Yum!

I tried watching shows about middle class families or even upper class families. While I fell in love with Parenthood in the beginning, half way through season 2 they lost me somewhere in between the fancy lawyer chick wanting to have a second baby when she doesn't have anything to do with the first kid, and the family screw up actually getting his life together and making something of himself. Boring.

I seem to have this fascination with watching TV shows about lower class families. I'm not sure if it's one of those things where it helps me feel better about my life- that no matter how tight money gets that I'm not stealing TVs to pawn or making internet porn to help pay the bills, or if it's the fact that part of me feels jaded for having missed out on so many life lessons because I was raised middle class.

Yeah, you read that right. Jaded because I was raised middle class. Yes, I will explain.

I was raised in suburbia, then moved out to the boondocks when I was 10. My dad was a fireman, my mom

Monday, March 25, 2013

#InklingsPhoto Challenge, March 17-24

Day 17: Bookworm
#InklingsPhoto Challenge, Bookworm
My bedside table

Day 18: Wicked
#InklingsPhoto Challenge, Wicked

Day 19: Paper or Plastic?
#InklingsPhoto Challenge, Paper or Plastic?
I prefer a reusable shopping bag with cutesy owls.

Day 20: Happy Spring!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sorry About Your Fetish, But I'm Glad You Found My Blog... Part 4

So, Inklingers, I have been a bad, bad girl. I got y'all hooked on my segment Sorry About Your Fetish, But I'm Glad You Found My Blog and then haven't done it in forever. In my defense, I was keeping up with it every few months and then the search terms went all lame on me. Then it was Christmas, New Years, blah blah blah... and here we are today.

Sorry about your fetish, but I'm glad you found my blog!
We've acquired quite a few new followers since Part 3, Part 2 and the original Sorry About Your Fetish, But I'm Glad You Found My Blog, so if you have no idea what this segment is or why it's a big effing deal, then go back and read the first 3. I'll be nice and give you a quick rundown here, too.

Sorry About Your Fetish, But I'm Glad You Found My Blog deals with actual search terms that people have used that landed them on The Inklings of Life. I give the search phrase, exact wording and all as I found it on my analytics site, then I give my opinion or a reply to whoever it was that searched that term.

Let's get to it. These are in random order of course.

Exes are like- Oh man, I LOVE this game. Okay, okay. Exes are like gum that gets stuck on the bottom of your shoe... annoying and pisses you off. Exes are like farts... they stink but thank goodness they are behind you. Or, if you read the post that is brought up by searching those terms, Exes are like diarrhea... thinking about them is all warm and squishy at first, then you realize you need a shower and to flush that shit out of your life.

Can't unbirth a child- No, no, you can! Just shove that little sucker right back up in your vag. They'll be fine until they are 18. Idiot.

Tribal tattoos suck- Amen.

Ampul- What the fuck is an ampul? It was searched 9 times that led to my blog. I had to google it myself. Apparently it's a Turkish glass vial. I started going through my head about any posts I had written about crack when I realized that I had no idea prior to this post what in the hell an ampul even was, so I definitely didn't use the word in any blog post. That one's a mystery... along with the 9 people who were searching for that shit in the first place.

I love my brother- Angelina Jolie reads my blog? SWEET!!

Maria Kang- Yes, I wrote a post entitled My Excuses for Not Looking Like Maria Kang After Having Children. Yes, when you google "Maria Kang", my post comes up #3 on google search, even above her

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

13 Things You'll Find in the Bottom of a Mom's Purse

I don't know about y'all, but I dread the days when I have to clean out my purse. I never know what I'm going to find in the bottom...

13 Things You'll Find in the Bottom of a Mom's Purse

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Conscious Box Review and Giveaway!

Y'all know I'm a tree-hugging hippie at heart. When Conscious Box emailed me about reviewing their product, I was pretty excited. I had heard of Conscious Box before, so I was finally going to get to see what they were all about.

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription service that sends eco-friendly product samples directly to your door. The boxes contain different samples each month, but include things like environmentally friendly cleaning products, vitamins and supplements, all natural medicines, teas, food, beauty products and more!

When my Conscious Box arrived, I popped it open to find it jam packed with products. I was expecting a max of 10 items, but there were more than 15 in there. My Conscious Box included a wheat grass shot (which was surprisingly good, and gave me more energy than a cup of coffee), some vitamins for my kids and I, tea, granola bars, all-natural cough syrup, organic tea and much more. There was even granulated

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Kick Ass Letter from an Unlikely Reader

My demographic isn't a huge shocker- women aged 25-44 with kids...

And Ryan Gosling. I figure if I mention his name in here enough, eventually he'll find me.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email the other day from a teenager in Asia who said she reads my blog and enjoys it. And, the email was entitled:

So I voted for you because I think you're the coolest mom ever...

Aww, shucks, thanks. I opened her email and read it immediately. Hey, I'll admit it- flattery gets you everywhere in the world today.

I emailed her back and asked if I could share her email with my readers (to which she happily agreed). Why? Because I think it's awesome that a teenager in Asia thinks I'm a cool mom. And for evidence to show my kids when they want to tell me I'm not a cool mom. I have proof now, so they can eat it!

A huge thanks to S for emailing me and for her amazing words. She made my day, week, and month with just one email! I did simplify her name to just a letter for world wide web reasons; she did just email me, so I respect that. I'm sure when she wrote the email she didn't think I'd pass it on to the masses. Just goes to show you that you never know what you get with me.

Without further ado, So I voted for you because I think you're the coolest mom ever...

Greetings from halfway around the world. 

I was going to write this email anonymously until I realized there's no such thing as an anonymous email.

So here is some context:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Manners? Upbringing? Kids Today (Apparently) Don't Need Those...

Can someone please tell me what in the hell is wrong with kids nowadays? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Teen shows on TV? Always being plugged in? Justin Bieber? Oh... you need me to be more specific before you just start shouting out answers about how or why today's youth is screwed up. Gotcha.

This past weekend The Girl had her birthday party (boy/girl party, mind you) which was immediately followed by a birthday sleepover (for the girls only). As a refresher, she turned 11 last week. The party was fine, everyone enjoyed themselves, and then it was time for the sleepover...

...which is when I found myself wanting to tell everyone to call their mothers to come pick them up. We had 4 girls here and The Girl, for a total of 5 girls between the ages of 10 and 12. One of them went home around 11pm, saying she didn't feel well, leaving us with 4 girls total.

We put down sleeping bags and comforters in the living room floor, gave the girls the entire downstairs, and Hubby and I retreated upstairs for the night. We heard them raiding the fridge for ice cream and the pantry for chips as we headed upstairs. At some point during the evening, the girls left had made this deal that the first person to fall asleep would get drawn on by the remaining girls; typical sleepover agenda. A little over an hour after we gave the girls their space, we hear the bathroom door upstairs shut. A little time went by, and a sniffling The Girl made a dash from the bathroom to her bedroom. Immediately I knew something was wrong, so I asked her to come talk to her dad and I.

She started talking 90mph about how she was the first one to fall asleep and they drew on her (to which I replied that she knew that was a possibility and it's typical sleepover behavior), then how after she fell asleep, someone went through her phone and changed all of the settings and backgrounds (yes, she has a phone now- that post will come later this week), how someone else went through her dirty clothes pile and thought it would be funny to put underwear on her bed, how they all went back and got more food and ended up finishing off the ice cream without even asking, and how her hamster was missing from her room, and they had it out running around, without its ball (in a house with 3 cats).

I think, at that precise moment, my head exploded. I didn't even know where to start. My mind started going through the files of my childhood, and all I could recall is that I never, never behaved like that at someone's

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Was a Doubting Mother... and I Regret It!

I told you all the story the other day about how my kids both got accepted into the GATE program (Gifted And Talented Education) and The Girl's struggle with the school she'll be going to next year. What I didn't tell y'all was my struggle when it came to The Ginger's test results.

I wrote this story over at my column at Parent Society. As always, I will start the article off here for you and then let you finish it over there!

I Was a Doubting Mother... And I Regret It!

We mothers are supposed to be supportive of our children, to always think positively about them, and to encourage them to be their best.

I was a mother who fell short of that, and after the initial mom guilt passed, I vowed never to be a doubting mother again.

My Story
I have a daughter who is almost 11 years old and a son who is 8. My daughter is brilliant when it comes to school. She’s been on the honor roll every year so far, always does her homework, is responsible when it comes to school, and tries in every class. When her teacher talked to me about having her tested for the Gifted and Talented program, I honestly was not surprised at all. I gladly signed her permission form and smiled a little more that day.

My son is almost a direct opposite of my daughter. He dislikes school, hates doing homework, used to climb under the table and refuse to do his work while in class, and his grades are average. He has an amazing imagination, so I had just come to accept the fact that he was a free spirit and school would be more of a challenge for him. His teacher sat me down and told me that she wanted to have him tested for the Gifted and Talented program, as well.

As absolutely horrible as it sounds...

Continue Reading "I Was a Doubting Mother... and I Regret It!

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#InklingsPhoto Challenge March 10-16

Day 10: Sticky

Day 11: Open

Day 12: Close

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hogwarts, Here We Come!

There are times in a mother's life that her children cause her extreme joy: those first steps, the first time they say mama, that first 'A' they bring home on a paper, the day they graduate, the day they get married... and on a random Thursday in the middle of a middle school science lab during an open house. There are also times in a mother's life that her children cause her extreme pain: the fall after those first steps, that first 'F' they bring home on a paper, the first time they break curfew... and on a random Thursday in the middle of a middle school library during an open house.

A few months ago my kids both tested for the GATE program (Gifted and Talented Education). The Ginger's test scores came home accompanied by a piece of paper we had to sign to have him be taken out of class once a week for about 90 minutes to do GATE-related activities next year (he'll be in the 3rd grade). I was very proud of him, signed the paper and went to open The Girl's test result envelope. Her paperwork included a few more sheets of paper, with an application for her to attend a special middle school next year (she'll be in 6th grade). Upon thoroughly reading everything that came in this envelope, we found that The Girl scored in the top 99% of the GATE test and therefore qualified to go to a GATE middle school, where all of the students in the program were nerds like her scored within in the top 90% or above on this test.

Basically, my daughter got accepted to Hogwarts or Sky High, her special power being super-smart intelligence. And this nerdy mama was extremely proud. I signed her paperwork and marked the calendar with the middle school's open house, so we could truly see what we were getting her into.

Last night was the open house. We showed up, and as the cafeteria filled with perspective students, I looked around and became very confused. I leaned over to The Girl, who looked nervous as hell:

Me: Honey, is there anyone from your school here?
The Girl: Nope.
Me: Are you sure?
The Girl: Yes, Mom, I'm sure. I'm the only one. No one else in my grade is going to this school next year. I've asked.
Me: Do you know what that means, honey?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

Back in January or early February, I was emailed by a publishing company and asked to review a book entitled "Nurturing the Soul of Your Family" by Renee Trudeau. I read the synopsis, and it definitely sounded like it was right up my alley, so I agreed.

When I received the book at the beginning of March, I had completely forgotten I had agreed to review it. As I flipped through the pages about unplugging your family and enjoying each other's company, renewing yourself spiritually and finding time to do absolutely nothing (which is healthier than running yourself ragged like most people in today's society), I knew that this book had come into my life at the exact right moment.

Hubby and I have been majorly struggling lately with getting our family to act as a family. The Girl only wants to be with her friends, and while we give her her freedom, it's starting to take a toll on the rest of us. We all seem to be craving family togetherness (well, not including The Girl, she seems just fine playing with her friends all day), and I was in desperate need to get The Ginger off the video games and Hubby off the TV.

Renee Trudeau's book is absolutely amazing. As I read through it, I could completely relate to how she described families today- spending empty time together, not communicating, always plugged in to some

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

6 Tips for Decorating with Puzzles

Chalisbury All Soul's Fair, heading up the
stairs in our house.
I have been working pretty diligently on decorating my home. I've bounced around from house to apartment, east coast to west coast so much in the last few years, that now that I finally have a home, I'm making it ours. My budget isn't extravagant, which means thinking outside the box for many decorating ideas and many trips to yard sales, Goodwill and thrift stores.

Hubby and I love doing puzzles, and got into a habit of gluing each puzzle when we were done, leaving us with a huge stack of glued puzzles. He pitched the idea to me that we frame the completed puzzles and hang them up on the walls.

Immediately, 2 thoughts rushed into my head.

  1. This was an amazing idea. Beautiful art adorning the walls of our home, and when you look closely you see that they are puzzles, which means we put time and effort into them and just didn't pick them off of a shelf of an art store somewhere. Inexpensive, too, as we have already bought the puzzle, now we just needed frames.
  2. This idea was absolutely horrible, and people would look at the puzzles on the wall and think, "Hmmm... they didn't want to put forth the money to actually decorate their home, so they put puzzles up everywhere."

I was seriously scared to go along with the plan. Michael's craft store edged me forward when they put all of their poster frames on sale, Buy 1 Get 1 Free. We stocked up and put our plan into action.

The result so far has been amazing. When people come into our home and see them up, they are reacting in a way of, "Holy crap, those are puzzles. That's awesome!" rather than "Wow. Puzzles. Interesting." And it motivates Hubby and I to get puzzles done, glued and framed, and we even turn it into a family event.

6 Tips for Decorating with Puzzles

There are several tips you should keep in mind when wanting to decorate with puzzles:

1. Don't buy cheap frames. I'm talking about the 'poster' frames where all 4 sides come off and you have

How to Raise Creative Children

Y'all know I'm the artsy type. Tattoo artist, sculptor, painter, paper crafter... you name it and I'll try it (when it comes to art and crafting, that is). My goal is to raise my kids to be just as creative, if not more.

My post today is found over at VoiceBoks. VoiceBoks is a great parenthood site with unique articles and tips that most parenting sites don't even cover. I was quite honored when they asked me to write an article for them.

So, I'll start it off here for you and then you can finish it up over there! Be sure to check the website out, too!

How to Raise Creative Children

When you become a parent, ideas swirl in your head of what you will and won’t do with your children.

I’ll raise strong, independent, motivated kids who think for themselves and are successful. 
I’ll raise free-thinkers who don’t follow the beaten path but forge their own in this world. 
I’ll raise children with amazing manners who are caring, kind and full of heart.

For me, I wanted creative children. I wanted to raise children who thought outside the box, who were problem solvers because they could see things in a way that no one else could. I wanted to raise children who write poems or stories and sketch when they are bored. I wanted to raise children who looked at a cardboard box and thought, “What could I turn that into?”...

Continue Reading How to Raise Creative Children...

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Monday, March 11, 2013

11 Years of Difficulty from The Girl

11 years ago today I gave birth to The Girl. You can read her (un)birth story here. She wasn't an easy child to birth, though not as difficult as her brother, but she is damn sure making up for it 11 years later.

We got her a vanity for her birthday. She has no idea. We bought it for her so she would stop hogging the bathroom in the mornings, and I didn't have to wake up to banging on a door and screams of "Get OUT, I HAVE TO PEE" from The Ginger.

The plans were to usher the kids off to school and then put together her vanity and put a cute bow on it for when she returned from school this afternoon. Ushering the kids off to school came with a fight because The Girl didn't want to take the cupcakes I had made for her class in the new reusable shopping bag I just bought... because the bag is covered in cutesy owls.

I swear, you would have thought I was telling her she had to go to school wearing footie pajamas covered in cutesy owls, for the amount of arguing she did this morning. In the end I won. Why? Because I'm the mom, that's why. I always win. I'm too stubborn to let my kids win anything.

So out the door she went, cutesy owl bag full of cupcakes in her hand. I had to wait for Hubby to get home from work, but when he did, he immediately started putting the vanity together in her bedroom. Easy peasy, right?

Wrong. The Girl is 11, which means her room is nowhere near clean. She swears she cleans it, and upon first glance it looks to be clean, but we made the mistake of moving the bed about 6 inches from its original spot...

I warn you now. Don't ever do that. As a parent, don't EVER move your child's bed 6 inches from its

Sunday, March 10, 2013

#InklingsPhoto Challenge, March 1-9

Day 1: Eat
Hubby's amazing ribs!! Yum!

Day 2: A Pair
I have a pair of hooters in my kitchen. Ha!

Day 3: Wet

Saturday, March 9, 2013

3 Years and My Blog is Finally Cool to My Kids

For going on 3 years now, I've had The Inklings of Life. My kids have always been aware of my blog, know I write it, and live in this constant state of "Crap, I wonder if Mom's going to blog about that" when they screw up.

This morning my kids are were looking over my shoulders as I checked my email, checked for spammy blog comments, and yes, checked my standings at all of the vote sites. The Girl got this confused look on her face...

The Girl: Mom, why is your blog called The Inklings of Life?
Me: Because an inkling is a small idea that pops into the back of your head, so my blog is about these small ideas about life that I have. And, I was a tattoo artist who dealt with tattoo ink all day, so it's a play on words.

About a minute long pause occurred, then suddenly...

The Girl AND The Ginger (at the same time): OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (smiling and shaking their heads 'yes')
The Girl: That makes so much sense now... and is really cool.
The Ginger: Wow. I just thought you named it that because you wanted to name it that. I didn't know it actually meant something.

3 years. 3 years of writing, of my kids being involved in posts, of giving input, and watching my highs when an article gets picked up by a major website, or when a reader emails me about how much I've helped them and I cry tears of humbling joy, and of watching my lows when a post doesn't do what I think it should, or when I fall down on the ranking lists. 3 years, and my kids didn't even know what the title of my blog meant.

I'm wondering now if I should go wake Hubby up and see if he knows.

Good grief. Now my blog is cool to my children. Took 3 years...

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Natural or Supernatural? You Decide!

Y'all know I love all things supernatural (and not just the TV show Supernatural, though I do love some Sam and Dean Winchester- yum!). In my spare time years ago, I used to sit in cemeteries with voice recorders.

Yeah, I'm that girl.

I've had a ton of supernatural experiences from lights turning off at a cemetery for no reason and coming back on once we walked out of the gate (not motion lights, either) to EVPs captured (Electronic Voice Phenomena, or ghosts talking to you), and I'll even admit to the masses that I used to see dead people. Yeah, for a short time of my life, I was Sixth Sensing it. I closed all of that off, though, because it became too much for me.

Probably should have checked for a brain tumor. Hmph.

Anyway, I decided a little while ago that I wanted to try and open that side of me again. Why? Because I'm bored??? I don't know. Because it was cool... creepy as hell and I didn't sleep a lot of nights, but still cool. Let me tell you though, it's not as easy turning it back on as it was turning it off... Dammit.

So yesterday I was walking through my house, taking pictures for my next blog post (well, what I thought was my next blog post, before I took this crazy picture), when I caught a shadow in a picture that I couldn't explain. I immediately took a second picture, and no shadow. Camera malfunction, my finger in the flash path or ghostie... whatever it is, it sent chills up my spine immediately.

I posted the picture last night on The Inklings of Life's facebook page and asked for opinions. Those who

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Couponing at Target... Yeah, I Rock That

Y'all know I love deals, couponing and getting free ish. So when Sara over at Super Punk Rock Mom Blog told me she was starting a couponing series on her blog and wanted me to do a guest post about how I rock Target, I was super excited. The list of free and nearly free stuff I've gotten at Target is probably a mile long by now, and even today I'm heading in for my Target Shopping Day (all capitals, yes, and if you follow the Inklings facebook page, you'll know it's an exciting day for me). On today's list: Discounted cat litter, makeup and chocolate. Woo hoo!!

Instead of starting it here like I do with posts on other sites, she has an amazing intro, so I'm just going to direct y'all there. Be sure to hit that banner down below the link real quick before you head to Sara's site, please. It'll all open up in new windows, so your path to Sara's awesome blog isn't diverted. ;)

Guest Blogger: Morgan from Inklings Teaches How to Score Major Savings from Target

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If a Woman's Place is in the Kitchen, a Man's Place is at Work

I have a gazillion things to do right now. This site needs an article, I promised a guest post over here, yes I'm reading the book I was sent to review...

And I'm cleaning out my email. Over 1000 emails in my inbox, all because I haven't checked it in 3 days. 3 effing days.

No, I'm not interested in enlarging my penis for just $49.95, but thanks for the email. Sweet, a new coupon to print out that saves me $2.00 on my favorite candles instead of $1.00 like the one you can print off of the coupon site. Wow, that blog hasn't posted good shit in weeks- unsubscribe time. I didn't even sign up to receive this newsletter, WTF? Crap, my library books are due this week. Dammit, I missed a great sale at that website because I didn't check my email yesterday. Lose 10 pounds by this weekend? Yes, please! Well shit, I'm not buying that weight loss book for $40, you can kiss my ass on that one. 'Free chocolate' and 'Free chocolate with a $75 order' are NOT the same thing, fucker. Thanks for getting my hopes up with that misleading title of your email.

This is my Tuesday... playing catch up.

Hubby was off for 3 weeks... 3 weeks that I enjoyed, yet tested my patience as well. I love my husband, I do- you don't repair a damaged marriage after 3 years of separation if you don't love someone. Having him home for 3 weeks... straight... seeing him 24/7... can be a bit... psychotic exhausting homicidal overwhelming.

Several statuses from Inklings' facebook page say it all....

"Playing catch up this morning. I swear, when husbands are on leave from work, entire household empires fall to the ground..."

"Men wonder why we women are so crazy, yet the first time we ask them something they don't hear us, the second time they don't listen, the third time pisses them off and the fourth time we are nagging, all the while an hour has passed since the first time asking and the shit still isn't done. Women are crazy because we deal with men."

"Had coffee with a friend and came home with plans to clean... Those plans quickly turned into

Friday, March 1, 2013

#InklingsPhoto Challenge for March, 2013

The #InklingsPhoto Challenge continues into March. For those who participated in January and February's daily subjects, a huge thank you goes out to you. I hope you all will return for March, and spread the word so we can get some new participants.

If you are new to the #InklingsPhoto Challenge, it's simple. Each day, snap a picture with your camera or phone of your interpretation of the day's subject. Upload it to our #InklingsPhoto Challenge, 2013 Facebook group, to Instagram and/or Twitter, and don't forget to hashtag #InklingsPhoto when you do it (and tag me @tattedmom81 if you'd like). 

Keep in mind that photos must be your own; copyrighted images or images from the web are not allowed (unless you hold the copyright). It's the aim of the challenge for you to take the picture on the day of the subject matter, but if you have a past picture (that you took, of course) that fits the day, then that's okay, too.

This photo challenge isn't meant to be a burden. If you want to post on a particular day, then post. If you forget one day, it's perfectly fine. And if you join in the middle of the month, don't feel like you have to play catch up; just start with whatever day you find us! 

The most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun and be creative! Share with family and friends you think would enjoy it, and encourage others participating by liking their pictures on Facebook or Instagram, or retweeting them on Twitter!

Happy shooting, everyone!

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