Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sisterhood of the Inspiring Coffee Ghost Firetruck... aka Awards and Randomness

Y'all have to know by now that I'm a slacker. Actually, maybe that doesn't come across so much over here at Inklings because I do post regularly, update the page's facebook status pretty consistently and post pictures on the various social media sites I'm on. So, maybe y'all have no idea how scatterbrained I truly am.

Score one for hiding behind the mask of the internet!

So, in the past month or so, I've been given some blogging awards from other bloggers who think I'm pretty epic. When you get these awards, you are supposed to give some random facts about yourself and then pass the award on to other bloggers.

Only, when I started blogging 3 years ago, these awards had you list like 5 things about yourself and then give the award to 5 other bloggers. Now, you have to nominate like 52 other bloggers or something close to that. It's CRAZY!

So, in true Tatted Mom fashion, I'm taking the lazy easy way out. I'm going to give shout outs to the people who gave them to me (so y'all can check them out yourselves), and do the random question thing (because seriously, who doesn't want to know the randomness that is Tatted Mom?), but as I need to get to mopping these floors, I'm holding off on the nominating a gazillion other blogs.

I know, I know, I'm not sharing the love. If you are a facebook fan of Inklings, you know I pimp out the blogs I love all the time.

The first award I received was the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, courtesy of The Home Heart. She has the most AMAZING recipes ever! She also nominated me for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award as well, but as I haven't had my coffee this morning and am a little fuzzy on what that award entails, I'll be concentrating on the Sisterhood Award today. A HUGE thanks to her for thinking of me when it came to these!! (You can head to her blog to get the rules how-to for these if you are a blogger who would like to pass along the award to your favorite blogs.)

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award has 10 random questions for y'all...

  1. What is your favorite color? ~Red or Purple; it's a toss up.
  2. What is your favorite animal? ~Cats... or those little things in Madagascar with the huge eyes... Lemur maybe? Those things are ADORABLE!!
  3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drinks? ~Coffee and... coffee
  4. Facebook or twitter? ~Facebook, which I have linked to my twitter to automatically post on it. I've tried twitter, I understand twitter, but twitter doesn't like me very much, so I stick to facebook. I am digging Google+ now, too, and I rock the hell out of some Instagram (shameless plug, but hey- this is my award, dammit)
  5. Favorite pattern? ~I wasn't aware that I'm supposed to have one of those... Umm... Scottish Plaid
  6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? ~Both
  7. Favorite number? ~69 (giggles) Okay, now that I'm not being a 16 year old school girl, my favorite number is 3.
  8. Favorite day of the week? ~When you are a stay-at-home-mom, they all run together. 
  9. Favorite flower? ~Lily, preferably stargazer or calla
  10. What is your passion? ~Creating things. I did a great job creating my kids, so now that I don't want to create any more of those, I'm on to things like jewelry, art, tattoos, home decor items, writing a book... easier stuff that doesn't require changing poopy diapers.

The second award I received was the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, courtesy of The Zookeeper's Wife. Amazing woman who lives at a zoo. Yep, you read that right. She lives at a zoo!! Pretty effing awesome, if you ask me! She and I have emailed a few times and share similar views on... life. Yeah, life in the blogosphere. She's awesome, and I thank her deeply for this award. It's great to know I inspire!

This blogging award just asks me to give 7 random facts about myself (you can see the 'official' rules over at The Zookeeper's Wife's page). Y'all know I LOVE random, so here we go...
  1. I collect vintage-y things for my kitchen. So far I have a 1960s coffee dispenser and a 1920s kitchen scale... and that's it. It's a baby collection, in its budding stages. Next on my list is a 1940s or 50s coffee grinder. Woo hooo!
  2. Despite being a earthy, tree-hugging hippie, I have a black thumb. I can't garden to save my life, or even keep indoor plants alive. Just don't mention that to the 3 new succulent plants I just bought, as I'm sure their goal is to live...
  3. I used to hang out in cemeteries at night. No, I wasn't doing seances or anything like that. They are peaceful at night... and yes, there may have been a recording device or two just in case, so we could capture some EVPs (ghostie nerds know about EVPs; for non-ghostie nerds, it's Electronic Voice Phenomena, or ghosts talking to you).
  4. I'm not coordinated enough to play the Wii, and no, it doesn't matter what game. Except bowling. I rock at bowling.
  5. I can't help but to pet a cat while they are sleeping. It's this horrible urge inside of me to disrupt a peacefully sleeping cat. I don't wake sleeping kids, or a sleeping Hubby, just sleeping cats. They just look so adorable, all curled up, fluffy fur everywhere... so adorable that I must mess it up somehow.
  6. My dad was a fireman when I was a kid. To this day when people see firetrucks and are all like, "Wow, cool, a firetruck," I'm all like, "Whatever, it's a firetruck. They smell like smoke and death."
  7. I *finally* have an idea for something to sell in my Etsy store. I've had an Etsy store for years now, and it's never had anything in it. After dreaming about this cutesy little thing the other night, I'm going to brave trying to create it. If it's a success, y'all will know about it. If it's a failure, then I'll still be trying to come up with something to go in my friggin' Etsy store.
A huge thanks to both of the ladies who gave me these awesome awards! And as always, if Inklings makes you laugh (or cry, or pissed off, or homicidal or anything), then hit that banner right down there, please. It registers a vote for Inklings over at Top Mommy Blogs, which helps other people find us, and lets the masses know that they are missing out by not being an Inklinger.

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